Packed my trunk…

So yesterday was an exciting day that got even more exciting by the evening news. I had a tip off that my ‘piece’ was being televised on the evening news. Argh! I did everything I could to avoid watching myself but Pete filmed it! Ha ha! It is so very odd seeing myself on TV. But everyone seemed to like judging by the text messages and messages on facebook and twitter that I got. Then to top it off I was featured on Lorraine Kelly’s show this morning urging everyone to bin their bra’s for charity! If you blinked you may have missed but I it brightened everyone’s days up! Ha ha!

I have been busily getting ready for our mammoth trip to Germany. As well as this I had a visit from a photographer from The Sun newspaper. Again I felt very awkward standing grinning from ear to ear. I just hope the photos look good!

There are plenty of Breast Cancer Awareness products for sale during this month. One company offering their services is Stella and Dot.

Stella & Dot are a high fashion yet affordable and accessible jewellery and accessories brand with fantastic quality pieces seen in Vogue, Red and Instyle. They are only available online and through a network of stylists who host pop-up boutiques in homes and events. Every year we support Breakthrough Breast Cancer where they have some select, absolutely lovely pieces that are available to purchase and they give away 100% of the net proceeds to the charity – the boutique is open now!

As well as this, my friend Kate is offering the opportunity for anyone who would like to host a pop-up boutique specifically to support the charity during October, a raffle prize to raise funds PLUS she will give away all of her earnings on the night to the charity too. Sounds like a really good deal to me!


If you are interested please don’t hesitate in contacting me and will I give your details to Kate.

I am just finishing off my clients for the day and I am feeling a little excited about my travels as we are having a stop off in some new locations either side of having treatment. I am dreading leaving my kitty but know she will be in good hands. I have done everything I can think of… but I am sure I have forgotten something.

It’ll be an early night tonight in order for a very early morning… Urgh… I don’t do early mornings if I can help it! But I get to go trucking with my man. We get to catch up and laugh all the way through Germany. That I cannot wait for. Yeah!

I’ll do my best at keeping the journal/blog going whilst I am away…. I have everything crossed that I will feel good all the way through it.

I feel like singing Nelly the elephant has packed her trunk! (Weirdo!)