Feels like we have been here for ages.

Had my last session of NDV today with oncothermic treatment again. This time I inhaled ionised oxygen for the whole 50 minutes during the heat treatment. I felt very alive and full of energy when I finished and walked through town.

Tomorrow is our last day and treatments. We are both looking forward to going home. It feels like we have been here ages and although we really have settled in, there’s no place like home.

Something odd happened during my treatment today. Anyone reading this probably thinks I’m becoming all spiritual and airy fairy but I had a strong sense of pulling and energy surge just above my naval. I immediately felt like it must be my solar plexus chakra. I am trained as an holistic therapist and used to be in tune and very interested in treating the body and mind wholistically but over the years I have pushed it aside. Listening to my gut and deep breathing has reawakened colours and intuition. I feel more in control, more trusting of my decisions, a sense of calmness and really happy.

I’ve packed our bags already for our next leg of our journey back to Belgium tomorrow evening. It’s going to be a long day. Off to bed with my Bear. Night. X