A real treat delivered to my door!

Yesterday I had a real treat when a package arrived for me. In it were some gorgeous products given to me by Ila-Spa. I love anything made locally and even more so when they are so good for you!

Ila Spa are organic handmade luxury skincare and spa products from the finest, ethically sourced, natural plant and mineral ingredients. The founder of the business is Denise Leicester who is a registered nurse, aromatherapist and yoga teacher and healer.

In 2005, following two decades investigating the subtlety of being in the medical, holistic and spiritual worlds, Denise developed a unique concept of well-being that addressed the inner essence through the skin: an absolutely pure product range created in complete harmony with nature and delivered with conscious, healing intent. She named the brand after the Hindu Goddess of Truth and the Sanskrit word for Earth: ila.

Ila is made near my home in the Cotswolds. Their products are made by combining ancient traditions, ethical processes and untainted natural ingredients, to harness nature’s purest vibrancy in each and every product.

Central to ila’s healing potential is the high natural energy present in each ingredient. Absolutely everything in their products is from a plant or mineral- nothing else!

I had the pleasure of receiving a range of beautiful products including their best seller, ila’s ‘little miracle’ face oil is a cult product; facial oil for glowing radiance, bath salts for inner peace, body oil for vital energy, body balm for feeding skin and senses and incense for an aroma of purity and peace.

I simply cannot wait to try them all out. I have begun this morning by trying out the body balm after my shower. The products are in such good sizes which make them cost effective especially if you think £50 is expensive for a body balm. But it is 200g and will last for a good few months provided they are used every day. The body balm is to be used sparingly and feels amazing. I smell of roses!

Ila products are also used as spa treatments in well known salons and spas across the UK and even worldwide. Having taken a look I would absolutely love to try out the Ananda face therapy and the Ku Nye five element ritual just for starters. Just from the names you know they are highly thought out and going to leave you feeling out of this world. I am that tempted that I am thinking about changing my current range of facial products from Aromatherapy Associates to Ila. It is much more holistic and sounds so appealing… So watch this space!

Every time I try a new product I will give you the low down on what I think of them.

I would highly recommend you take a look at their website and feast your eyes on their extensive range;


I once again want to thank the Ila team for thinking of me. I’m overwhelmed!