All preened and ready for the big day tomorrow

Thursday was a great day. I headed up to Birmingham to meet my friends who took me into the centre and we had a proper girly lunch. Talking about everything… I love letting off steam. It was interesting talking with friends about families, change and their natural fears for the future being parents. I suggested that it is not worth the worry.. No one can know the future all you can do is love as much as possible. It’s hard being a worrier but one lesson I have learnt the most is to be strong like a mountain on the outside and flow like a river on the inside. Makes sense really.. Stand strong and firm but be free flowing on the inside.. we should take up this attitude.

Then I went along to a MAC make up master class. I have been trying to get on one for ages and finally got myself booked. It was being taught by a senior make artist known as Pablo Rodriguez, who amongst many also does Vivienne Westwood make up. The course focussed on bridal make up which is ideal seeing as I am doing my best friends make up on Sunday. I learnt lots of great tips and spent a fortune! Thanks Pete. X

The day was topped off by a large paella meal with all six friends together. Sometimes it can feel a little like you are trying to squeeze too much out of life… well that’s how it can feel when in the social situations. The temptation to ‘drink’ too much alcohol is always lingering. I was good though and only had a daily guidelines. Life does seem to be all about celebration these days. I do feel we are all so desperate to feel good and constantly celebrate something. That’s not a negative but it is hard to try to and stick to regime and not batter the body. I am learning that a lot now. Both of us are. We are both realising that we don’t have to party to have a good time. Alcohol doesn’t have to be drunk to excess to have that great time. And the next day we always feel much better for it too.

We stayed the night and got up at 5am. I was wide awake which is highly unlike me and drove home. Pete had a big day in London with work and I had a day of prepping myself for the big day tomorrow.

I had my nails done; I did my tan and got all the makeup and clothes packed for tomorrow’s early start.  Pete returned late from London after a very successful day winning the silver award in the Sunday times letting agency of the year awards. They won silver in the best supplier. I am very proud and it’s so well deserved. Makes all the hard work seem worthwhile.


All day I felt great knowing how much of a lovely day the day before had been. I met with a friend who has become as HD brows stylist after I basically ‘sold’ it to her. I love my job and now she does too. And she’s really good. I am so pleased for her being so successful. But I am not surprised. She has attention to detail and is so likeable. She is now changes the faces of everyone in the Midlands! Revolutionising eyebrows! Go on girl…..

As expected I was absolutely pooped by late afternoon as seeing as I had a tan on I decided to creep into to bed so as to minimalise my movement! OK and to sleep!!

I drifted off till about 8pm when I had to get myself up and pick up Pete from the train station.

I tres excited for tomorrow. I know what I am wearing at last… funnily I am now taking all the dresses back and wearing one I already had! I have put on some weight so now it doesn’t hang off me anymore! Ha! I’m not sure why I am so indecisive at the moment. I must work on that.

I started a new yoga DVD this morning. It’s quite dynamic and my arms are wobbly…. Having my hair cut in a mo then I am really set for tomorrows exciting day. The weather looks like it will be nicer today and tomorrow even better. Brilliant… I have the ivory umbrellas’ in case it is not… All will be fine.