The photos have arrived from the modelling session…Eek!

Yesterday was a lovely day.. I had an acupuncture sesh with Michael. I was getting concerned as to how often I would need to go as I had been finding driving to Farnham every week very time consuming and I didn’t want to feel like it was a bind or a chore. Thankfully on asking Michael he felt things were going well and he said my energy was feeling good again and that I only have to go every three weeks. He focussed on rebalancing my energy and helping me with sleep as it has been all a bit crazy recently- either sleeping excessively or not at all, as well as cooling the system due to the chemo I have been on. It was the first time that every single point he used was so sensitive and it felt like he was putting his finger into the point inside.. Weird but so very cool. Michael thinks that’s a good thing…Intriguing…


I had been thinking about my visit with Kelly and she emailed to say she would be in touch with me soon with some more info and research for me. It reminded me that I had forgotten to mention her thoughts on alcohol. She said that before being diagnosed with canSer that people should only drink a limited amount. When diagnosed with canSer then drinking alcohol should stop. She said in research with pure alcohol, ethanol and cells in a Petri dish, the cells became cancerous when they came into contact with the ethanol. Oh smiley-undecided.gif…. However, she said that she felt that I could have a few glasses a couple times a week as long as I had a few days in between. That’s better…. smiley-cool.gif

I had the results of my vitamin D test today. It says that my vitamin d levels are adequate which is the best they can be… that’s good news. I will continue with the vitamin d3 that I am taking!

I have been feeling tired recently probably from the disturbance in sleep patterns as well as being in different beds or it could be the chemo so I have really been taking on board what Kelly said. She said chronic tiredness can be alleviated by acute tiredness. Acute tiredness is caused by exercise which also releases endorphins making you feel good. I know the importance of exercise so this week since I have been back I have been doing my morning exercise. It’s a struggle but I definitely think it’s worth it, although my butt and thighs are aching! I am training them hard as we are off skiing soon.

It got me thinking too that I love to trampoline and as rebounding is so good for the body I have started asking around about going to a trampoline club. I used to love it as a kid…. Bouncing!

I received a delivery yesterday and inside was a usb stick with all the images of the photo shoot I did in November as well as few catalogues with me on the cover! I modelled for Nicola Jane mastectomy lingerie. I have to say it made me realise how much fun it was and I have today posted it on facebook. The feedback has been immense. I don’t think I look amazing but then who is ever happy with what they see? I am working on it. We are all perfect and beautiful… I know that. I just need to retrain my mind. I have posted some images on this blog for you all to see.

I have today had a natter with a good friend. In fact two and half hours passed. We mainly talked about our positives and all things holistic, sharing our findings and having lots of laughs. It’s so important to have that in your life. I really feel so calm now. I don’t know if its medication that is making me more optimistic or if it’s because I feel well but I really feel like life is flowing. I currently have peace of mind. I am sure when my next scan is due I may not be quite as calm but I know that right now I like life. I don’t stress if I don’t get all my ‘rituals’ done due to other commitments and I don’t think life is going to be snatched away from me although I do always think that any day could be our last. I wake up still thanking the Universe for giving me one more day to be on this earth with my wonderful bear and I am so very thankful to each every person I come into contact with every day (all the more now there are so many followers on FB) I feel lucky andnothing will ever change that. I feel that inside me things are good and I am not going to hope that it is. I will just live for now.

Tonight we are going to celebrate Burns night (much to my dread- whiskey may end up being on the menu) Pete will be preparing haggis (mine’s vegan) and I am looking forward to having more fun and love this weekend……X