A blog from the airplane on my way home….

It’s been an excessive six days and five nights. Excessive in so many ways. Indulging in foods I don’t ordinarily eat, far too much alcohol, lots of late nights, an excess of laughter, fun, dancing, making new friends, and an abundance of love and positive emotions.
Ibiza is hedonistic and not the sort of place you would think someone like me would go whilst trying to stay well and healthy. But it is one of my rituals now. Six years ago we decided to go to the Es Vive hotel and now they are like family. Pete and I love the staff there, many of which are such good friends. We seem to make such lifelong friends there and this year we went to surprise some of those friends on their honeymoon.
I always leave feeling like I am ready to come home. This year is no different but I do always feel so sad about leaving. A year is a long time to wait for our next visit and I am not sure my body could handle two visits in one year! This time though I felt really emotional (probably spurred on by my tearful friends) It was a feeling of will I ever see them again?
Maybe I am over tired (quite likely) and had too much alcohol (highly likely) but I did feel incredibly choked. We all did. Boys and all…. Maybe we are all just getting soft in our old age. Or maybe the Irish are just more sensitive than us English folk..but whatever it was my eyes are still damp from tears.
Saying goodbye gets harder. Also the reality that the bubble I have just lived in for the last six days is about to burst and I remember there is a job to do; a full time job with many hours over time involving me, Pete and just about everyone who knows me. I have to focus, plan and have the end goal in sight. It requires a steely determination and a mind that will never stop till the job is done.
But whilst I sit here on this plane I smile at how much fun I have just had. I have laughed till my sides hurt and my cheeks ached. I danced to my favourite tunes in the sun surrounded with the most loving, happy people. That’s something that will keep me going for months, years even. I will never forget how contented I have felt and carefree.
CanSer never leaves my thoughts but it was only in the corner of my mind. It’s time to make my body clean, fight with all my might and be strong and healthy as everyone says I look.