Sad news……

It’s amazing how one nights sleep can solve so much. I feel less emotional. I don’t think having female monthly hormones helps but even so I’m less tearful for no reason. Our tempers are less flared and things don’t seem quite as bad as before. Sleep affects the metabolism and appetite too. Cortisol levels rise and sit round the fatty areas such as stomach.. Sleep has a lot to answer for but it has to be the right amount. I should be an expert in sleep! Ha ha!

After a marathon sleep session I headed off for treatment and within an hour had had it all. The rest of the day was ahead of us so we decided to use the hotels facilities and try to relax further.

We began by exercising as not only is it good for the body but it’s good for the mood. I know I worked out enough because today I am aching!  We had a swim, steam, sauna and finished off in the salt oasis.

We bought food from a local supermarket and had a hotel room picnic because the weather has become Armageddon like.

Tucked up in our pj’s we watched an animated movie and yet again I cried!

I’m such a softy…

Whilst sitting whiling away the time we got news…. Sad, sad news that health and wellness writer Polly Noble has died.

I have been following Polly for some time since she was recommended to me because not only was she a health advocate but she also had canSer. She had canSer from the age of 24 years old. She died at 32 years old. She had done so well during that time frame by beating it twice by simply eating well. But then it came back and in the last year it had spread to her lungs. Her primary diagnosis was cervical canSer.

In the last six months I had been emailing with Polly because she had decided to travel over to Germany to see Dr Nesselhut. I advised her on what to expect, how it worked, where to stay, what to see, and more. She seemed grateful but had complications from her very first visit. I hoped to see her out here but found out we would just be missing each other. I am going home when she was just arriving.

I said to Pete yesterday, ‘It’s a shame that we are missing Polly’. Pete says it’s almost as if I knew…

We had arranged to skype on my return and then we were to meet in June. I had emailed her a list of information of things I am currently doing along with info on Prof Vogl and more, for her to get stuck into until we spoke. She seemed so upbeat but did say she was having trouble breathing and was clearly feeling ill.

Polly’s mother emailed me last night and said how heart broken they are and that Polly had died on Sunday.

Her mother emailed me and said how heart broken they are.  She had got news on Wednesday of a ct scan that showed her liver was filled with tumours when only six months ago it was clear. Her mother said she felt weak and tired and just couldn’t fight anymore. I feel gutted to say the least. She gave it her all. My love and thoughts are with her family and friends. She was such a vibrant soul and I hope that lives on.


I have just got back from my second round of hyperthemia, zometa and interleukin 2. I return for my vaccination in a few hours.


Life is so weird how things change by the flip of a coin. Polly wasn’t to know that this was her last few months so it makes you wonder why do we worry. Would’ve knowing made any difference at all? Would she have done anything differently? Probably not. Yet again, I simply think one has to live their life and take every day as if it’s your last. Be grateful, love one another and hold onto what you believe in.

Oh and if you can find a Bear that you can hang onto and who will make you feel safe in your hours of darkness.


Light and love as always….