The day in the life of… Me!

Today I have been for my pranic healing session. Following on from the last treatment I have abided to the new suggestions Les made with regards to removing all crystals. I really like the healer as he has such a calming effect. I trust him, which I guess is essential if you want to be healed. It can be odd going to these types of therapies as the changes can be subtle, especially with pranic healing as it there isn’t any physical contact but I definitely do feel something. A few funny things happened today whilst he was working. My ears popped at one point then when he was working behind me my spine clicked. It never does that. I have an incredible heat rising in my chest area too and I feel a bit woozy.  At one stage he said he was going to be putting energy into my lungs and I may feel something. I didn’t think I would but I had a definite aching sensation. It’s weird but I love it. I truly believe that he is healing me. He said that he felt my base chakra had already changed size since I saw him last and was quite amazed. He said it has reduced in size and is the size it should be now. He also said that he felt my lungs were better but that the top right still had more there than the rest of the lungs, but he felt the scan results should still be good. I hope that he is right!

Now I am home I have the house to myself for the evening whilst Pete is out working. I have decided I am going to make the most of my time alone and have a coffee enema and another salt bath. This time I am going to try my new ila spa products.

I had a lovely surprise today whilst scouring twitter. I noticed a tweet from Nicola Jane mastectomy lingerie who was promoting their blog with me in it!  It was all about a day in the life of ME! He he… If you’d like a read here it is;


I have had a reasonably easy day today with a good friend visiting bearing gifts! She shouldn’t have but what a treat. We put the world to rights… Just as we should!

Got to go the cat is going nuts… she must want feeding again!