A quick update….

I went for a blood test on Wednesday. I’m intrigued to know if my haemoglobin is improving. I’ve had a mixed week but generally pretty good. I’ve had bouts of sickness, vomiting, headaches and generally feeling rough but also many high points of feeling normal. It has been a battle trying to verbose the sickness and with a mixture of ginger biscuits, ginger tea, digestive biscuits and holding acupressure points I have been nailing it. I was recommended to buy a relief band. It arrived this morning.
It’s a bit weird wearing a watch type gadget that gives small electronic of pulses which runs down to your palm and middle finger. But it is working…

Back to the blood test. The results showed that my haemoglobin has risen to 10.1 but the calcium levels are too high. This is due to the calcium tablets I was given to take along side the denosumab injection for my bones. I think I will reducing the tablets down.

I don’t really understand all the blood results but it says my mean cell volume is low but my platelets look fine. I assume the drop is due to the treatments I had last week and only hope it gets sorted as soon as possible. By tomorrow would be good as Pete and I are going skiing!

We love skiing but I am full of trepidation. I don’t want to let Pete down if I feel rough. I have booked a hotel that has a spa though in case I need some time out.

There are some more small changes happening to me too… I sneezed this morning and  for the first time in months my ribs don’t hurt! Yay! The broken rib must have repaired itself at long last! Woohoo.

So that’s that.. A quick update.
Light and love… xxx