I have my moon boots on and ready to go and see the dietician…


Yesterday was good day. I have been looking forward to reflexology for weeks and finally today was the day. I just love it. I feel great during and after. Claire, the reflexologist, said that despite canSer everything looks and feels fine, which she said is unusual with someone having chemo as they tend to feel damp. During the treatment I had a little visualisation of me and the Bear being old and grey and together. That’s the first time I think I have ever done that. It gave me a bit of hope and certainly shows that I have the will to live.

As I still hadn’t had a reply from Prof Dalgliesh re the scan reports I decided to give Kathleen, his secretary, a call, it turns out he is in the US and he has been trying to get hold of the radiologist who is on paternity leave. It’s a shame they are not ready as I am going to be going to the London Oncology Clinic today for an appointment with the dietician and could have collected them.

I received a letter today with an appointment for a CT scan on it for next week, the day after I return from Germany having had my next round of dendritic cell therapy. Clever as Pete is he said that I should contact the docs in Germany to see if it is too soon to have a scan after the cells being injected into men after all, I don’t want to waste that treatment considering the cost and effort and all. I was a bit worried about changing the scan date mainly due to the fact that I don’t want to have a confrontation with the NHS docs. They already think I am wasting my time and money but I think the decision is right. But by the time I can have another appointment due to being away will be the 11th February. That will be about 8 weeks since my last one. I know the NHS are keen to see how I am doing sooner rather than later so if it isn’t going well they can slam Taxol intravenously into me. I understand and I want to know too, part of me does anyway. I do think only giving the chemo one month is a bit short but at the same time I really don’t want to let the canSer get out of control. (However I still believe the canSer is under control I just hope I am not in denial about it all.)

I have this morning called the radiology department who have said that I must have the appointment but I said I was out of the country. They have asked me to contact my doctor to discuss. I have sent an email to the secretary to see what should happen; however I doubt I will get a reply what with everyone being off work due to the snow.

I hate feeling uncomfortable about all this. I know it’s a no brainer. If I have made the decision to have DC therapy then I really shouldn’t have a scan to give the little boys a chance to do their thang. I also think that by February I would have been using Naltrexone for about two months or more. I really believe that will have a profound effect on my immunity.

Any way back to today. It’s snowing. Just like being in Austria. I love it! But the country doesn’t. Everything stops. But we shall not! We are off to see the dietician recommended by Professor Dalgiesh to ensure I am taking the right stuff and maybe learn something from her. I have called and apparently she is there so that’s a good start. Not long till Pete gets back and we get on a slow drive to the capital.


Whilst at reflexology yesterday Claire Winter told me about how a study had shown that artificial light increased or even caused breast cancer. Another thing. But in the nature of research here is an article on it;


I have my moon boots on and I am ready to go…

P.S Had a message from a follower to say I look great in the photos for Nicola Jane mastectomy lingerie. I haven’t seen them! Argh.. Too exciting.