I want to have a little rant….

I feel like having a little rant…

I received an email from a lady at GcMAF asking me for some feedback on how I was and if I had received any scan results lately.

I waited until I got my results and replied and explained that I had stopped having the goleic acid injections at the end of May and that I have since been having the bravo probiotic yoghurt. I explained the whole situation that I have had ablation and immunotherapy and also reintroduced naltrexone (because they say it stops the GcMAF from working)

Sunday I open up my emails and find one from GcMAF again. The email address is only ever info@ but I assumed it would be from the same lady who had emailed me before.

Nope. It was from the man in charge who runs the company; David Noakes.

His email was quite short and blunt. He stated that I hadn’t divulged the whole treatment protocol, that in fact I had only given a quarter of what is expected and that if I expected to be cancer free that I would need to do all aspects of the treatment protocol  for 6 months to a year after leaving the clinic. If I am not clear on what the treatment protocol is that I should go to the website and take a read.

I have to admit, he really pissed me off. I met him briefly when I went to Switzerland this year and he was slumped on the sofa with his big messy eyebrows and said,’ Who are you?’ when I came out of treatment. I

extended my hand and told him my name. I instantly took a dislike to him.

My friend Leanne, who sadly passed in June, also had some experience with David Noakes. He spoke to her at length on the telephone (when she could finally get through!) and basically sold to her that GcMAF would definitely cure her -100%. I don’t know about you but my tail tingles when these sorts of claims are made. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it.

Luckily, I overlooked him and have continued with injections for some time and am now using the bravo probiotic yoghurt. It seems such a shame that one individual can cast such a shadow over a potential aid in living with canSer.

I have today read the website once again. They have thankfully updated it and it doesn’t seem quite as unprofessional as it did and gives a lot more advice on it than before. I do find it quite amateur to suggest such basic things however I guess not every canSer patient is as researched as some.

Here is an excerpt of the four areas that you should cover to become canSer free;

If you have a cancer with tumours, for the Home Protocol you need:
1. For stage one, a standard dose of 0.25ml Goleic a week, for stage 2 two doses a week, late stage 4 up to a full 1ml a day. The more the better. 2ml a day has been taken without side effects.
2. 10,000 IU of vitamin D a day,
3. Eat white meat, fish and vegetables,
4. No sugar or carbohydrates (so no cereals or bread etc) which feed cancer.
5. If your weight drops below your perfect weight for your height, take Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) from a vitamin shop, or Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP) from Dr Reinwald Healthcare.

If you add drugs to this, the more you add the more you will reduce your chances of success. More is less.

Don’t stop the Goleic until 8 weeks after you have scans proving you are cancer free, or 8 weeks after your nagalase drops below 0.65.

We are just as successful with pancreatic cancer, and with our two multiple myeloma cases, but it takes doses of two ml a day initially. We’ve done laboratory experiments on leukaemia which indicate we should get good results, that too will need 2 ml doses, but intense chemotherapy does make leukaemia treatment fail.

Avoid the five main causes of cancer
1. Too much sugar
2. Lack of vitamin D3
2. Poor nutrition lacking in amino acids and trace metals,
4. Lack of oxygen and exercise,
5. Severe shock stress.

Now I was advised to take 2.2nl every other day. That came to about 2000 Euros a month. That’s a lot of money but I guess when you want to live you will pay any sum.

I have now seen that they have opened more clinics across Europe including Germany. The cost for one week in the clinic is 6000 Euros. Wow. It’s doubled in price. They recommend you have about two or three weeks to see a reduction of approximately 25% in your tumours. This still astounds me as they can’t possibly record the size of the tumours that are in the lungs, like mine.

It says on their website that if you take medication at the same time as the GcMAF protocol that you will not get a good result.

‘If you add drugs to this, the more you add the more you will reduce your chances of success. More is less.’


I don’t know who wrote the content on their website but things like that really do make you doubt the efficacy of the product and treatments provided.

I find this really difficult. I think that for me, GcMAF may have helped kick start my body into fighting canSer. That combined with everything else I have done since March; ablation, immunotherapy, dendritic cell therapy and more. It has worked for some people and their testimonials are on the site. I personally know one of them. But it really gets up my nose when someone like ‘him’ bleats at me in an email. He has no people skills and isn’t a scientist or oncologist. He is a salesman who wants people like us to pay thousands to him. I personally think they should stop him from taking phone calls, emailing patients and making outrageous claims. It gives GcMAF a bad name.

Rant over… I wonder what his email reply will be? I will keep you posted.

If you want to read website then go to;



Oh my goodness.. I just came across their other website; www.immunocentre.eu. Their feedback page has an entry by Immuno Biotech Ltd (the company that owns GcMAF) I am speechless…

‘The most extraordinary case so far is a 69 year old woman from Cheshire. She arrived at our Lausanne clinic with breast and lung cancer, and further secondaries in the brain. The cancer was so far advanced she walked upstairs to the treatment room, and died. Her heart had stopped, no pulse, no breathing.

Her family were not happy, and made it very clear.  Meanwhile our two nurses began mouth to mouth resuscitation and pounding the chest of her dead body.

After 45 seconds they restarted her heart.

Lyn had called an ambulance and got 2.5 mil of Goleic into her. To our great relief the Swiss ambulance crew just wished to know if it was euthanasia, because if so, they would not resuscitate her. We said “No way, she’s got to live!”

The next morning the hospital sent her back with the comment she was too fit to be with them. In our view, that’s the Goleic working overnight.

Lyn then got a 40% tumour reduction over the next week, using what we call “The Swiss Protocol”,  which included Goleic every day, and sent her home to do our “Home protocol,” which her family are following accurately.

There weeks later the family returned to Lausanne to thank us.

We are expecting her to be cancer free about September 2014. She’s making good progress.’

If you could see my face right now…