Find Travel Insurance: Mission Accepted

Well I started very positively contacting travel insurers today who apparently can insure my condition. I tried online to begin with but that was a complete waste of time. I went through a few companies picking through all my dirt. It’s a good thing I can remember everything, only to be told sorry ‘we cannot help you’. I even discussed with one company that I don’t even want to have travel cover for canSer yet they still said they wouldn’t cover me. I adjusted my criteria from annual worldwide including winter sports to single trips but still no luck. I thought, blimey I’m not that advanced and my health is currently really good what must it be like for other canSer survivors?

I started trawling through some forums and found one back dating to 2009. I contacted a firm mentioned on there as a ‘got nothing to lose’ kind of attitude and they couldn’t have been more efficient and kind! I said I didn’t want to be covered for the disease and they said that I had to call a number to be screened. This was after the lovely lady had told me the cost of the policy. I called the screening company called Tokio Marine Europe, who efficiently took me through the questions and was light hearted and positive. They even said that when my condition is classed as ‘stable’ to call back and let them know. I called back the insurance company and gave them the reference number and that was it.. oh and I even got cover for Pete for the year too both at such a reasonable price. Simple.. yet so hard with other companies.

I feel so amazing! It has really lifted my spirits. The company I used was Gill Noble/JD travel based in London. Their telephone number is: 0844 247 4749 The staff are lovely and will give you the number of Tokio Marine Finance when you call.

Before I went out this afternoon I have been cooking up Chinese herbs that Dr Kate James has given me. They don’t smell very nice but I am to cook them up and keep them in the fridge and they are to be drunk in the afternoons each day. As expected it doesn’t taste good but I am sure I will get used to it. The reason for using them is that they will strengthen, tonify and support my kidneys, liver, blood, spleen/digestive system and energy levels in general. I’m game for all of the those things please!

This afternoon I went and had reflexology. A good friend recommended a therapist, who as an aside specialises in treating women for fertility issues. Claire Winters is based near Witney and is really friendly, professional and calming. I totally trust her ability. I have not had a reflexology treatment since I was at college. I thought this may be nice to have as not only does it treat the body as a whole it also means I do not have to move about like having massage. Points in the feet reflect areas of the body. I couldn’t believe at how acurate she was with points and weaknesses. She could even point out sore muscles in my back and hips, that I had tight buttocks (that will be from all those squats on Davina McCalls DVD!), a sciatic nerve on my right side that has bothered me too. She even felt tiny, tiny crystals in my lung/bronchial region. Of course that made my heart sink a bit as I am desperate for there to be none there. She said generally she felt my physical being was in a great position for her to really heal me deeper next time. She does feel that I have a quite a block in my lower lymphatic so suggests I move more maybe hula hooping! I put that down to me not being able to trampoline recently because of my sore ankle. Honestly, Pete would have seen it all if he comes home to me hula hooping! ha ha!

Maybe the points that she felt could be signs that canSer is getting smaller or just scar tissue? No one can be sure from reflexology. I did get a feeling that she was healing me whilst she was treating. She worked with her eyes closed. Overall I think she is great and I cannot wait for my next appointment in 3 weeks time. She did warn me of having a ‘healing crisis’ which I am used to. After any treatment a person can feel any sort of emotion and physical reaction such as head aches, energised, sleepy, etc.. I am to remember how I feel for my next visit.

Came home to my hubby who I haven’t seen in a few days.. Ahh no place like home with a Bear.smiley-wink.gif