The Journey….

Another day at home…. Love it.

Last night before I went to sleep I told myself that by morning my cold and cough would be gone. Well I awoke and it had dramatically improved. To be honest I have hardly coughed and blown my nose all day! The power of the mind again. smiley-smile.gif

This afternoon I have been reading The Journey by Brandon Bays. What an amzing story. She had a tumour which she was told had to be operated on but decided that the answer to healing herself was within her and opted to not have surgery. It is about her emotional journey into realising that releasing the emotions on a cellular level were holding her healing back and what created her tumour in the first place. She healed herself and the tumour went! I know it sounds crazy! But oh my, so interesting.

I have also been practising EFT on myself today and I really like it and think it really helps. As adults we lose ourselves through so many layers of ‘stuff’. Being open and honest with how our body feels and not our heads makes me really realise what is going on in there. The biggest thing is to trust your own instincts.

At the end of the book, The Journey, are tools to go through the process in releasing and finding out what’s really been harbouring inside to create the disease or upset.

Today I have also booked to visit a reiki healer that was recommend to Pete by his good friend Louisa. I had been holding back a bit as i wsan;t sure if it was right for me and also logistically, as the healer is in Essex and I would need three days initially to see him. But I decided over the last few days it is something I would really to try and I don’t want to go to anyone else. So I thought it was a good idea to tie it in with seeing my dad who lives in that neck of the woods.

So for the first time in 4 months I called my dad. The same thing happens every time we speak. We talk as if we only spoke yesterday. He seems fine and I am always as upbeat and positive as usual. It will be good to see him at the end of the month.. maybe other thingsa will unfold as I feel I have an emotional block when it comes to him. Not sure what I am going to do with all my time there but I hope it will be really enlightening. Excited….

This evening we have two girlfriends coming to stay and tomorrow they are spending the day with me. It has been over a year since we have seen eachother so Pete and and I really looknig forward to a night of giggles. Not sure what time they are arriving so I had better go and get ready for them.

The Power of Positive Thinking

As predicted Saturday night was hugely memorable and momentus occasion. I don’t think any of our guests or neighbours will forget that firework display in a hurry. I am still chuckling to myself at the banter that there was as well as the moves we were all busting moves on the dancefloor under the glitter ball in my lounge! Seriously the keeping fit and doing half an hour of exercise was covered as I danced until 3am! Where did the time go… Well they say times flies when you are having fun. Boy, my legs are still aching. Much needed fun and so grateful to everyone for making such an effort (event he ones that really hate dressing in costumes!)

Sadly though I reckon due to the season of it, the silly stressy side of me and probably the drinking and late night has taken it’s toll as I now have another cold/ chest thing. Instantly worrying that it could be something more I have been putting all my thoughts and actions into getting rid of it quickly. I want to prove that my immunity is strong. I have been practising some EFT today and I really feel it is therapeutic.

I have also been toying with seeing a reiki healer since a friend told us of an amazing story where her aunt had been given a very limited life expectancy only after having healing she was cured. Either way miracle or not I’m keen to give it a try as it really calms phycially and spiritually. The only issue I have is that it is in Essex and the recommendation fo this particular healer suggests one session a day for three days then weekly thereafter. I have put it off but I can’t help think of it at the moment. Logistically it could be difficult but maybe I should tie it in with some Christmas shopping and visiting family..?

I’m totally looking forward to having veggies today.. I’m craving it. Rich in indole 3 carbinol which is essential in boosting the immunity and cleansing.

I am pretty gutted today too as I was going to be going to HD Brows HQ today to ‘shadow’ as a trainer. I really beat myself up about it yesterday but after contacting Nilam Patel she reassured me that I could attend any course as they run weekly and I only have to give her one day notice. I wonder if it’s meant to be as I really do feel like having time at home. I feel really settled and so much love.

I am affirming to myself that by tomorrow this ‘cold’ thing I have will be gone.

In the last couple of days I have been on some forums trying to see what new information I can find and hopefully give my assistance to anyone that may need it. I found this and it really gave me a boost.

10 point plan – Power of Positive Thinking (Just stick with the truth NHS- it’s brilliant)


“Increasingly, expert attitudes have changed concerning the curability of metastatic disease and fewer clinical leaders accept the naïve view that patients with metastatic disease invariably die from it, but rather recognize the divergence of this unnuanced view from clinical reality and join the growing numbers of clinicians – who believe in curing metastatic disease.


We now know, from long-term follow-up studies and along with other accumulated data that:


• many patients will die with their disease, but not from their disease;

• some will not even die with their disease (see below);

• still others are currently long-term survivors whose ultimate fate is unknown, but therefore not assured to be from breast cancer mortality;

• still others who are predominantly stable, or at least what I call controlled-progressive – with some degree of progression (sometimes with other tumors in remediation) that can be significantly regressed upon each progression – are, on the odds, highly likely to benefit from what I call the time value of survival: namely, that outcome odds can be improved with each year of additional survival by virtue of the advance of research and clinical developments.


Gabriel Hortobagyi , one of the principal collectors of the long-term survival repository, has stated as long ago as 2001 (thats right 10 years ago): “I believe that you can cure patients with metastatic breast cancer” and, based on that data, that for metastatic disease patients “we can achieve a complete remission”. He expands on this widely misunderstood phenomenon: “My group has published about patients who have achieved a complete remission with chemotherapy and are in a progression-free complete remission 20 years later — biopsy proven” and that “for instance, I [Dr. Hortobagyi] have a patient who had a lung metastasis resected in 1968, and she never received any additional therapy. She never had a second metastasis — metastatic breast cancer by definition, pathology proven, and she’s alive and well — 32 years of disease-free survival.”


This is only with chemo, not the whole 10 point plan.


Incrediably this is not news to clinicians and researchers who deal extensively with advanced disease. Given this Clinicians should at every chance they get, give increasingly positive feedback and when they speak of advanced disease, in order to avoid the often simplistic, generally unproductive and increasingly counterfactual connotations of somehow “incurable” rather than advanced disease, and consider treating patients with advanced disease with curative intent, not as merely palliative.


As one linguist said, language can lift us, and how we speak can drive how we perceive, and also therefore how we act, so let’s not let language bully us.


And finally we need to remember that the outliers – the group of long-term survivors – of today, will be the norm of tomorrow.”