Went to meet Stan the Reiki Man

Today I drove to Romford of all places to meet Stan the Reiki Man! Yes a long way to go in the horrific weather we have been having but well worth it. I was a bit worried of what to expect but upon meeting him I instantly knew it was the right thing to do.

Firstly though driving all that way is a bit of a breakthrough for me as I’m not confident on driving on my own such a distance but what with driving to Farnham every week for acupuncture it has really given me more confidence.

I arrived early and as the appointment was an hour I was hugely surprised that I left over two hours later. After a full consultation I got ready for my treatment in a lovely little summerhouse at the end of his garden.

Overall it is such a relaxing experience. Reiki uses the energy of your body and by laying on hands this energy and good intention is used to heal symptoms as well as balance emotional feelings too. Stan started as a spiritual healer before learning reiki. He showed me the lineage of who taught him as well as certificates. He is very well qualified.

During the treatment I simply relaxed and tried to think clearly and let my mind go where it wanted to. My head was racing with different thoughts and Stan worked a lot round more torso, naturally. I really felt a strong dragging sensation and it felt quite draining particularly in my underarms. I also a feelings of heat, pulsing and popping in my chest. IĀ also had lots of colours and pictures appearing in my mind particularly a tigers face. Apparently that means strength.. So that s a good thing. At the end of it all my body felt like a lead weight.

Having treatments like reiki are so subtle and I felt that I could just hop up and carry on with my day.

Stan is great especially as he is 72 years old. He has been healing since 1984!

After the lovely session I headed to my aunt and uncles for the evening. It was so kind of them to put me up for the night and so brilliant to see them and catch up. The banquet of veggie food was warmly welcomed! Especially since I had been given a choice of food and ate the lot! Ha ha! Also there was my cousin Chris, Cat and her gorgeous son Oscar.

I didn’t go to sleep till about 11.30pm- I don’t sleep well without Pete and I was worrying about the flooding in our area.

Today has been such an exciting and eventful day.. A lot to take in.

More tomorrow though.