On the road to Northumberland for some EFT and more…

Last night I spent a bit of time trying to look online as to whether there are any benefits that may be available to someone in my position. Now it’s not because I feel I am owed something but every little helps, especially as I didn’t have a health plan. That is something I would urge everyone to do! I thought that this could be something other survivors overlook also. I have been advised by a friend that there is something called a DS1500 report which fast tracks benefits such as Disability Allowance and Attendance Allowance. To be honest it is all very confusing but what I would say to anyone is contact the Department of Work and Pensions to see what you could be entitled to. This of course is adding onto to free prescribtions that we are entitled to.

Last night was a turbulent one, which is totally out of character for me as I sleep like a log normally these days. I feel like, maybe, I could be getting a cold but I’m not sure. I certainly hope I am not. I wonder if it is the supplements I am taking? I have increased my dosage of reishi and chaga as recommended. Also maybe it could be the airnergy? Who knows, I just hope I am not getting a cold or that I am showing symptoms of the canSer (which by the way I think is definitely going!) and that my body is simply adjusting to new things. Echinacea is what I need!

Right so, I am packed for a few days in Northumberland. I will be spending the next two days working with Dr Kate James, the intergrative medical practitioner. I am hoping to learn emotional freedom techniques, release some issues, learn lots of stuff and come back feeling renewed. It’s a long drive there but I won’t be driving. I am the co pilot. 🙂

I have emailed Professor Dalgliesh a number of times recently but hadn’t got a reply. I decided that I would call him as I want to see what he thinks I should do regarding the ‘microwave’ treatment. Thankfully he was there and he seemed really upbeat and kind asking how I am feeling. I told him the pan of action with the rest of the treatment in Germany and that I will have my next scan in December.

He said that he will check my previous scan that I sent to him and says that having microwave treatment combined with viro/immunotherapy has great synergy because as the microwave will blast the solid tumours the dendritic cells and vaccine will work on the cells that are left floating around. Apparently they are trialling something similar at the moment for colon cancer. They are using ablation with chemo or radiotherapy. Makes perfect sense to me! So i have left it with him to come back to me with the thumbs up or thumbs down.