Results.. the quick version or the long?

 Today was the day that was looming. Despite being calm and brave I did feel sick to my stomach again getting ready for the hospital. I simply can’t help it. Pete was the same although he probably wouldn’t admit it. Prof Harris was on form as usual and asked about my henna head and seemed […]

Dr Hembry gave me the results…

In my last blog I was just about to pick up the phone to Dr Nicola Hembry. She is a lovely lady and makes me feel very calm. We discussed the results of the RGCC test in detail. The first thing she noticed was the circulating canSer cell levels. Mine were (14.2/7.5ml, SD+/-0.3 cells). Apparently […]

The results are in……..

Well what can I say.. Today is one of those days that I have something good to write about. The day has been looming for a week. Initially at the time of my scan I felt deep inside that everything was going to be ok but as the week wore on I let my head […]

Do I still have canSer?

Sigh… A weekend of happiness. I didnt blog because I was far too chilled out. My mood lifted and I had a great time. The weather has been cold but sunny so we took a drive to the boat to make sure she is all ready for winter. Pete’s sister met us for lunch and […]