I’ve been in touch with my ‘Soul Sister’!

I have been at mums for a few days and as usual I never want to leave. There is nothing like being in your parents’ company. Well looked after and always cosy. I love her home and all her bits and pieces lying around. Properly comfortable and lived in.

I still managed to DO my rituals and mum joined me in meditation and yoga. These things are catching. Once one gets on the band wagon everyone seems to get on board. It’s infectious. I take it all as a compliment. I must be looking well if people want to emulate it.

We managed to do lots of my ten point plan mainly physical, mental, and nutritional but helping me with my self esteem we had to do some retail therapy… again! Sorry Pete! I am very excited with my purchases. I have discovered through the last few years but mostly the last nine months that I look quite quirky and my old fashioned hairdo has been replaced with an odd funky one. I like the new me. I feel comfortable in baggy harem style jeans but when I get the choice dressing up glam is so totally exciting. I love clothes… (Everyone knows this especially as I constantly have clear outs as my poor wardrobes heave) I must do some kind of charity drive with regards to my clothes. I must get my thinking cap on.

As mum did all the driving over the last few days I got to check email and I have been receiving a few lovely emails from people that have found my blog and website. One lady called Leticia Croft Holguin who lives in the USA contacted me and told me her story. She has a blog and a book in the US.  She found she had triple negative breast canSer when was pregnant. I couldn’t even comprehend this. But overcoming hardship she’s thriving today and has written a book to help children understand canSer.  It’s called Cancer starts with a C and is illustrated too. What a great idea?! Here is a link to her book;



Then I got another email titled ‘Soul Sisters’ from a lovely lady who lives here in the UK. We are of similar age and our stories are almost identical in when we found canSer and had treatment etc. The difference with this wonderful lady is that she luckily took matters into her own hands when it was found the second time and had a mastectomy and then embarked on alternative and complementary treatments. The canSer has not metastasised thankfully but she has still gone and had dendritic cell therapy with the one and only Dr Nesselhut in Duderstadt! Oh my! I was so taken back and absolutely thrilled. It reinforces what I am doing and gives me more hope for the future. Since this she has also changed her life for the better. She has introduced a more spiritual way of life along with nutritional changes including supplements and so on. Wow. I knew what was working for me couldn’t be a one off. What I felt most encouraged by was how she said that when she read my blogs that it was as if she had written it. The thoughts, feelings and ups and downs were the same as how she feels. I love this. This spurs me on and makes me realise there must be others like us.  I feel this whole sisterhood is materialising and that together we can shout our small victories from the roof tops! I am getting all over excited.

Any way back to reality and things are great. I am back home where I belong and my kitty is happy sitting by my side and my Bear is coming home to give me a cuddle as ‘I’ must need them..Ha-ha!  Bless him. No shame in needing cuddles.  You know nothing can get me down. All this talk (or moaning I should say) about the dreary weather. But is it worth moaning about? Yep, I agree it’s not great and as reminded by mum this time last year we were sunbathing in her back garden but that’s life. Everything is different. I would much rather be living in a climate like Ibiza but we don’t we live here in good old blighty. We have to make the most of what we have got and be thankful that things aren’t worse. That’s the biggest lesson I have learnt since I ‘woke up’ and realised that life was going to be taken from me if I didn’t start living, is gratitude.  Gratitude makes you happy. It’s impossible not be happy when you are grateful. Immediately a smile creeps across your face and you feel calm. If I were in a Disney animation birds would be singing, rabbits hopping, and I would be singing at the top of my lungs and cracking windows! Ha-ha! Life is brilliant if you can see the good things out there. Like I have said a million times… ‘No one said it was going to be easy’. But to add on that saying, but boy it could be fun and filled with love and gratitude.  Happy thoughts and feelings. Long may they continue.

I’m off to wait by the front door like an excited puppy for my One to come home.  J