Hippies, Light and Love

I’m reading ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ by Richard Carlson. In it are short easy chapters filled with lessons and ways of relieving all the stress and worries, as it says the small stuff. Most of what we worry about is irrelevant. Trying to understand life and let life flow is something we are trying to learn and be. It helps deal with everything we come across. One interesting point made was,’what do you want to accomplish in your life?’ The answer is normally to earn more money, to buy that dream house, to retire young and live in Marbella. But actually what it should be is to have inner leave, be a kinder person, to see obstacles as lessons and to see the good from what we think are bad things.

Now maybe all of this sounds a bit ‘hippy’ man! Well we are in one of the most hippy locations in the world right now- Las Dalias- where the hippy movement began here in 1954.

Its funny as we’d never have thought of ourselves as hippies but boy they’ve got it right. They understand that whatever you own will eventually own you. They may look and sound ‘different’ but they have really got it so right….

Life is about being happy. Love gives inner peace and happiness. If you think about it love is all we need.(There’s a song in there!) Love and light. 🙂

Anyone following on me on Facebook will have seen the ‘heart’ pictures I have been sent by so many wonderful supporting people. One picture is from a group of people from Ibiza Rocks who I don’t even know. They made a ‘Claire Rocks’ plectrum. Today I went to the shop and saw my ‘plec’ in the window and met the lovely people in the picture. They are such lovely kind people and treated us like they had known us for years. Also it was good to catch up some old friends too.

If you looks around you and stop for one minute all you can see is love. Forget everything life passes by too quickly not to enjoy it and for all the bad things -just think in a years time will be forgotten anyway.

So if you are still laughing at the thought of Pete being a hippy-I’m glad we have made you happy.

The weather has been bit out of character with cloud, rain and and being very moody. It’s not my ideal weather. It if we hadn’t had this weather we wouldn’t have seen probably the most interesting part of Ibiza. There’s a positive to every negative it seems. Therefore there are no negatives. If I hadn’t been diagnosed in July then I wouldn’t be lucky enough to share my thoughts with you all, I wouldn’t be learning so much interesting information, I wouldn’t be meeting amazing people and I wouldn’t be awakening to the love and light all around me. We are truly blessed. Namaste.

(Don’t panic you haven’t lost me to spiritual awakening. I’m still a superficial shopaholic at heart! So where can I find those supercool boots Pete?)

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