Stop this roller coaster it’s making me nauseas…

Today started in my normal routine whilst Pete went off organising fireworks. I am apologising to our neighbours inadvance! It’s going to be a spectacle!

I tried as usual to visualise whilst meditating and having my airnergy session but I can’t help feeling low.. What is going on? I woke up with a blocked nose and I guess I am fearing the worst. I am my own worst enemy.

Pete gave me a pep talk and I feel much better now but then amongst all the preparing we are doing Pete gets a call from the old fella we take care of. He is 89 years old and sadly is house bound due to an unusual disease in his legs. Obviously he is unhappy at times and in pain and we try our best to give him everything he needs as well as company and being there for him 24/7, but it seems there is nothing we can do to make him happy. He is spiteful and obnoxious at times and today was one of them. He doesn’t seem to care about anyone but himself and he piles on so much pressure to Pete and I can’t help feeling upset by him. I feel so full of stress and upset at the moment. Just when I think we are getting on an even keel this happens. I wonder if we would ever feel on a constant….

A few hours til I need to get ready for our guests arriving and I know it will be hugely memorable but right now I need to take a chill pill and unplug my head.

Stop this bloody rollercoaster it’s making feel nauseas. Roll on the good times. I’m off to burrow into a bug furry Bear over there! X