Second reiki treatment then a visit with my ol’ man!

Second day in Essex and I feel comfortably home! I’m an Essex girl after all! Stan was as lovely as usual. To look at him with his little tattoos on his forearms (that look just like my dads home made ones.. Strangely comforting!) we cracked on with the treatment and I made a firm decision that I was going to really try to focus and centre myself and not let my mind wander.. But it’s impossible. Maybe that’s what’s meant to happen?  I did feel like I drifted off more this time and the colours flashing in my mind were bright and sharp. I felt a lot of heat and it almost feels like hands go inside my chest and were pulling stiff around. I had a definite sensation of popping again and a general aching almost to the point I wanted it to stop.  Afterwards I feel quite heavy and like I have had a work out. When the session ended it was 12 o clock! It so didn’t feel like I had been lying there that long. Stan said I barely moved a muscle or flickered my eyes. Weird because I really felt every inch of me moving.

Stan is so sweet as at the end of the my visit he gives me a big hug. It’s like I’ve known him for years.

Straight after I drove to visit my dad and brothers. I had a missed call from one of them saying the floods had cut off my dad so I couldn’t get to him. I was gutted. I really felt that this visit was important to see how I felt if anything. I headed to my brothers house and I was greeted by them, my niece and my dad! I was confused.. One of the boys had walked across fields to get my dad and made him walk across country to where my other brother was airing to drive him back to his house. So pleased.

Three and half hours flew by and they all seemed excited to see me wanting to know everything about my diet, commenting on how well I look as well as all the details. My dad didn’t speak much… He didn’t get a chance! There is always so much laughing. My brothers are so light hearted. It’s breathtaking to be around. As the day light was fading my dad had to get back across the field to his home. There’s never enough time. I didn’t feel outwardly emotional just happy. I hope that any issues that I might have had has been dealt with when I did the focussing exercises recently.

On leaving we all decided we will see each other much sooner mainly for teeth whitening and hd brows but whatever excuse it will be great to see them.

Im now back in Romford staying at a hotel. Just chatted to my bear and had a little purr from the kitten, and I’m going to have a quiet little night, bathing, reading and watching tv. Last treatment tomorrow then back to the Shire. I can’t wait!