Full of beans today following a day of being at Hangover central…..

Saturday night was great fun. After checking into our hotel and preparing for the night ahead we made it to our Vintage tea party-A gaggle of girls drinking jasmine tea champagne cocktails, eating scones and cream and tiny little sandwiches with fillings such as rose petals and honey. It was lovely eating things I wouldn’t normally eat and to be around such a great group of girls. Everyone had made such an effort dressing up in some vintage era from the 20’s through to the 70’s. We finished our night at a Brazilian themed club where we attempted to dance. I say attempted because the music was bizarre and we had all had enough to drink! My feet were killing me. I love wearing heels but they don’t like me.

I really enjoy meeting new people. I get a bit nervous beforehand but I am always so pleased I did. Their reaction to me having canSer was so positive too. I didn’t just dump that info on them, they already had been told of my background and some already follow me on my blog and facebook page. They all seemed to think that I looked well and healthy. That’s one thing I have got totally bagged at the moment. It was a great night… but sleeping with that much alcohol in me was a recipe for insomnia!

I was luckily feeling quite well when I got up and thankfully my wonderful man was picking us up the next morning. At this point I felt chipper and full of beans but after a few hours I think I got a delayed hangover. My man took us for a lovely veggie brekkie in East London before delivering us (the bride to be and my other friend and I) all to our respective homes and destinations. Once home I spent the afternoon on the sofa feeling a little sorry for myself. I felt hugely overtired and a little yucky in general. I can safely say drinking like that is no good for me! Luckily I have a Bear that loves looking after me and fed me up (he is a feeder! Ha ha!) And made me healing tea to flush it out of my system quick fast!

I would have thought bed time couldn’t come quick enough but once tucked up I couldn’t sleep! I hate that overtired feeling. You are so tired and sleep deprived you can’t relax. My body was quite shaky and I sweated for most of the night, it didn’t interfere much with sleep though and today I feel full of beans again!

I have felt on such a high for most of today. My mind has been clear and I have got lots of jobs done and things ticked of my ‘mental‘list. I am amazed I feel so well. I was expecting to feel sluggish and had planned on taking things slow today. But no need… I feel fab!

The day started with watching or rather listening to the news. I struggle to open my eyes in the mornings so listening to the breakfast news is as far as it gets. They told of a new trend in couples meshing their names. Instead of the lady adopting her husband’s name or going for double barrelled names they link and combine their names together. For example one couple names were Griffin and Pew so decided to become Puffin. This tickled me pick and I told Pete once he got out of the shower that as my name was Finch and his is Grant we would be Mr and Mrs Grinch!  Oh how we chuckled. He did say that it suited us! Pah! I don’t think so. We are the opposite of being Grinch –like. Still it is very funny.

I decided today that I would make a food plan for our meals this week. Pete is starting at the gym and he will be home later than normal so I think I should get on with cooking the meals. I ploughed through my new recipe books like Sexy Crazy Kitchen, Honestly Healthy and The Guilt free Gourmet and made a list of recipes that I would like to try this week. I have now made myself a shopping list and will buy everything tomorrow. I plan on making meals that will have leftovers for lunch the following day so that Pete can take some to work too. I think this is a good way of sticking to a healthy diet and one which means there is no hassle at tea time. I am very proud of my forward planning.

I finished my book, Thunk today too. It is quite a hard read as it’s all about clearing your mind using certain techniques and meditation. It has some really good pointers and makes so much sense but I think I may need to revisit the book when I do forget sometimes and become ‘cluttered’. Now on with the other ten books sitting on my shelf! Where to start?

 Today’s research: Pete found more interesting news today from researchers presenting at the AACR Annual Meeting 2013. Paragazole is a novel histone deacetylase inhibitor developed at CU Boulder in the laboratories of Xuedong Liu and Andy Phillips, being tested at the CU Cancer Center. HDAC –Histones play a critical role in cell cycle progression, and developmental events.  In this study, Diamond and colleagues tested the drug against a range of breast cancer cell lines with and without combination with chemotherapies paclitaxel, gemcitabine or carboplatin. Interestingly, it was specifically the cell lines that didn’t express oestrogen – the aggressive, triple-negative cells – that were most affected by paragazole.  

It seems ever since I started fundraising I have noticed there are so many other people making the effort to raise money for different causes too. I met one of the Hen’s friends the other night that is going to being running the London Marathon in a few weeks for Bliss, a charity for premature babies. As her baby was premature she felt compelled to help others. What’s amazing is that she has two small children and also works. She is Wonder Woman!

Here is a link to her blog and at the bottom of it is a link to her giving page if you would like to make a donation. I made my donation earlier today; http://mojomums.co.uk/blogs/sarahs-story/

This is the charity she is supporting; www.bliss.org.uk

So go on spread the love and please help a worthy cause.

Here’s a picture from Saturday night…

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.26.15