Hyperbaric oxygen… second time lucky…

Yesterday I took day eight of the second cycle of my chemotherapy. I reduced the intake of the anti sickness and had everything crossed as the chemo dosage is still 130mg, the most any person can take. Luckily my mind and body worked hard at keeping the nausea at bay but I did have an ‘off’ day.

Maybe I was nervous, maybe it was a bit of a side effect but I didn’t feel right all day. I did do a coffee enema in the afternoon as I thought helping my liver would be a good thing. Initially I felt great but I think the coffee really does make me feel wired and I get a little jittery. It’s crazy really! However the feeling passed and I was left feeling meh. I had a reasonably busy day with clients so it was nice to be home based. We had a lovely healthy meal and off to bed for me.

I have woken today feeling much better… thank you.

Off I trotted to the MS therapy centre this morning for my second experience having hyperbaric oxygen. I hadn’t been since the end of November due to having blocked ears from a cold and flying so I was a bit nervous how I would get on especially as the ‘dive’ was going to be twice as deep as the last time. The people there are absolutely lovely. MS is such a debilitating disease and the level of illness range from no obvious symptoms to very serious symptoms. My heart goes out to these people. What is quite scary is that by talking to them I found out that they were not referred by their doctors but had to find out about the place and services through friends of friends. It’s a crime. What’s more is the benefit it can do for canSer survivors too. I feel lucky to have been given the details from Patricia Peat at Cancer Options.

I don’t love having the hyperbaric oxygen session. It takes about ten minutes to get to the ‘depth’ all the while clearing the ears to ensure they are not blocked. Then put on the mask and breathe for an hour then another ten minutes releasing the oxygen. I feel a bit claustrophobic not so much being in the chamber but more so having a mask on! I know it’s all in my head but at least I had an hour of reading my Zest magazine (which sadly has gone stopped going to press after twenty years of production. What will I do with myself now?!)

I don’t actually feel any better or have any side effects after having the treatment but I am assured that it is actually good for me. Enough said.

The year is already panning out nicely. Plans are being put in place and things to look forward to. I’m getting excited! Yay..

I’m still waiting for confirmation of a CT scan date, and this is kind of holding up my next plans for treatment. I have been given dates for Dr Nesselhuts’ treatment but I am not sure whether to go for that or try out GcMAF for a week first? I don’t want to expel too much thought on it at the moment. The plan will fall into place I am sure.

So for the rest of the day I have had the pleasure of my friend joining me for lunch. We put the world to rights and had a tasty sweet potato, coconut, chilli and ginger soup… Mmm, all warm inside.

I have an exciting morning tomorrow. I am having an archery lesson. Pete said that Amazonian women used to remove one of their breasts to be better archers and warriors. He says that I could be a great archer now I only have one breast! It could be fun and you never know I could be the next Olympic female archer! Ha ha! That or an Amazonian warrior. Pahaha.