Exciting day meeting Dr Nesslehut senior and good looking cells!

The second day of treatment followed an evening at the Hotel Kronprinzen where we stay every visit to Duderstadt. Last night was a huge highlight for Pete as the hotel restaurant was celebrating ‘Schlaten Fest’, which translates to Slaughter Fest! I know mental. Basically the meal consisted of meat, meat and more meat! I, of course did not eat that. But Pete was very happy.

I had my heat treatment with Cindy again today and we wished eachother a merry christmas before leaving. During the treatment I really felt the intensity of the treatment as it had been increased somewhat yet it still wasn’t uncomfortable. In between that appointment and my vaccination appointment Pete and I went to have some lunch and catch up with the ‘Angel lady’. It was lovely to see her and her family. We feel so welcomed now when we visit. She gave us big hugs and told Peter that her family had been praying for us. How sweet. She also said that he had been praying too!

It was fantastic to finally meet the legend that is Dr Nesselhut Senior at my next appointment. He is such a lovely man. His passion for cell therapy and his emminent position in the field was demonstrated over and over again. He explained how he’d worked with advanced laboratories around the world from Russia to the U.S. and in particular having pioneered P2X7 with Australian scientists. He had spoken to them after they were disappointed that their 100% results in animals had not been reflected in the first human trial (a young boy with metasised lung cancer), having only canSer remit in one of his lungs and the other still growing in his other lung. Dr Nesselhut advised them that by increasing the length of the amino acid (ok here it gets a bit technical!) that the uptake  increases from 30/40% to 90%. He therefore suggested an increase from 8 links to 44 links in the chain as this had proved highly successful in the cosmetic application he had developed.

Ok so what that means is.. An amino acid is a molecule that is the basic ingredient necessary to create a protein. Amino acids link together in long chains to form proteins. Some amino acids are created by the body. Amino acids, used both as the basic building blocks of proteins and an alternative source of energy in cells, are necessary to all cells of all known living things. (Deep breath)… Now my cells are trained to go inside me and not only teach my other cells that canSer cells are naughty and should be killed but they also kill them or should do. But by lengthening the amino acids that build those cells apparently they should work even better than before!

So guess who the first two people were to be given this amino acid extra long chain? The young boy mentioned earlier and… ME!

This time I was told I had 9 million dendritic cells made. Dr Nesselhut explained that quality of cells is better than quantity. He flicked to a page in my notes which had a picture of the cells created this time and said, ‘WOW!’ He’d never seen such good looking cells before. Apparently the more little tenticles a cell has the more effective it is! How exciting! He also said having a reaction to the injection is a good sign too. I was bit worried as I never have a fever once injected but my skin does get itchy and red. He said scratch it! it will help.. Oh OK!!

We had a more broad ranging discussion re DC therapy and sat open mouthed  with horror and joy at the revelations. On the positive side, when Dr Nesselhut started his lab the first thing he did was the regional parliament if it was something they wanted, feeling it was crucial to get their support. He said they have helped him all the way and after huge success this has culminated in the EU contributing some 1.5 million euros to his lab!

He went on to tell us of when his ingenuity was praised but clinical process accused of lacking a standard at a leading conference in the U.S, his retort was, ‘They must be very fortunate in Heidelberg because in Gottingen where I live, it seems they have no standard patients but were constantly presented with ‘humans’ that were all different, which made his guiding principle to treat the individual not the canSer as a standard.

On the negative side he told us of clinics that charge over 100,000 euros for the treatment. His opinion on charging that kind of money was wrong and if you want to make money become a banker! They can charge what they like because it works and also how red tape has pushed the cost of the vaccine from 1200 euros to 4500 euros but worst of all he wanted to open a cell therapy lab in London with Professor Dalgliesh but was told by the council to build a 5 metre wall around the lab. Dr Nesselhut laughed and said it’s a sexcure lab not a nuclear power plant!

It seems the pharma companies controls are just as bad outside of the UK. After treating two diabetic patients, he passed his research on who after 800 patients who were all designated amputation were successfully treated with cell therapy without the need for any amputations. Pressure was bought to bear to stop this expanidng to other clinics. Dr Nesselhut noted that the average drug cost of treating a diabetic patient until death is 1 million euros. How can this be possible?

Proof is in the pudding as Dr Nesselhut had coronary disease and has treated himself with cell therapy which has cleaned his artieries so much that he now has no risk of heart attack. He also used this as a regenerative effect. He says he can now happily work 12 hour days, no aches, pains in his joints and physically it’s taken 10 years off him. He’s 68.

He also believes that from current tests he will be able to double the life expectancy of his patients that come to him for life extending treatments (that’s maybe so many super rich people go to Duderstadt) Pete fancies himself some of that!!

We continued to talk about reducing inflammation as this a huge factor in canSer and Dr Nesselhut advised me to take a drug used for heroine and alcohol addiction! It’s called Naltrexon. It’s a special low dosage according to the docs own recipe of roughly one tenth of the normal strength. It’s taken at night and works on the receptors of the brain between 2 and 3am when they are hunting for the drugs that we are addicted to such sugars, drugs, cigarettes etc. By masquerading, the body releases happy chemicals which are as a side effect prevent the inflammation that their absence creates. This is so dramatic that it  prevents joint pain, muscle stiffness and of course the growth of cancer but as a nice side effect keeps you happy and full of endorphins all day!

Phew what a lot of info but so exciting! we left today buzzing. What a day and how so positive and exciting.. A long ol drive to Venlo for the night then back on the road tomorrow for our journey home.. Can’t wait! Bless Pete driving all this way. X