Lost without my Bear….

I have caught up on my sleep… Ten hours! Woohoo! Started the day doing meditation and yoga with mum. Followed by a green smoothie…. But then I got tired again. I can’t decide if it’s because of chemo or because I am out of my comfort zone and doing my daily rituals at home. I feel a bit lost. It’s weird how I feel so lost when I am not with my One. He woke me up this morning on his way to work with my morning call. Morning! I don’t think I would have woken up otherwise!

The day has been spent doing what I do best….. Shopping! (don’t worry Bear I haven’t spent much! Not a Karen Millen in sight!) it’s bizarre how I even enjoy looking round DIY stores! Ha ha!

Off out to dinner with my mum and sister tonight so that should be nice….. Then back to bed again. Yay! I can try out my new pyjamas….. 🙂