Oh the simple things….

We’re having a heat wave… a tropical heat wave… fa la la la…

Pete and I have had the best weekend. Driving through the traffic on Friday night we arrived at the marina where we would be staying for the next few nights with the promise of a sunny weekend yet again! Even better it wasn’t windy and the sea was really calm.

We slept really well Friday and woke early to get up and walk about half an hour into Brighton to the hustle and bustle and to soak up the atmosphere. After having a hefty veggie breakfast we headed back to our boat where we lay in our sun for the rest of the day. It’s always the simple things that make people happiest. Everyone was so happy. It completely lifts the mood having the sun out and prolonged periods of warmth and sunlight. So simple. I know I am happiest when I can bask in the heat.

Saturday evening we met our friend and had a tasty meal. We are getting to know the area and are having fun trying out many bars and restaurants.  I have already found a vegan restaurant and can’t wait to try a Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant next time we go. The night wasn’t too late but I awoke the next day feeling pretty rough. I couldn’t decide if it was a hangover despite barely drinking anything or an upset stomach from something I had eaten. It was a shame really as I wanted to be on top form for my Bears’ birthday. It didn’t stop us having fun. We took a ride out on the boat and moored in front of the heaving beach for the whole day. Bobbing …… is what we call it.

Pete was so happy. That’s his happy place on the boat with me tucked under his arm pit! Ha ha! We had such a nice day that we decided to stay another night and headed home really early this morning.

I sadly was sick for most of yesterday which is totally unlike me. Even by the evening when I felt ok in myself my appetite wasn’t right and I barely ate a thing. I feel better today but think I should be careful with what I eat and drink. I need to be kind to myself.

Yesterday was the local Race for Life for Cancer Research UK. It’s an ever growing charity event and my friend has done it every year for the last three years at least. She sent me a message after she finished it in only 38 minutes. Go her… she said she had been thinking of me the whole way round. Touched… J

I’ve been getting more emails from readers and facebook followers asking for my advice. I am feeling really pleased that I can do at least something to help other people in a similar situation. I would do the same if I could do it over again. To be stage one again and to make all these changes could be the thing that got me over it. Still I’m here now and I’m well. There’s really no point dwelling on the past.

The book I am reading The Power of Now really emphasises how as individuals we spend our time thinking about the past and looking forward to future events. Even things as mundane as things we think need to be done on a daily basis. The author tries to get you to understand and feel the moment that you are living in and really notice what’s around you. I’ve been trying to do it. It’s much harder than it seems. The mind wanders at a rate of knots onto anything and everything. Life would be far less stressful for everyone if we did try to live in the here and now and not be side tracked with things and wanting more and more.

I’ve got a busy day working again today so best get off and get ready for my next client and then an early night in my next favourite place… my bed with clean sheets on! Oh the simple things!

The Simple Things

For me life has always been confusing. Even more so when faced with a life and death situation. Day in day out one’s head and thoughts can drive you crazy. One minute being up and the next down. A constant emotional rollercoaster. In the last two months what I have noticed the most that makes me happy to be alive and for every minute I get to live on Gods’ great Earth are the ‘simple things’. Money, possesions and all the stuff we worry bout and long for daily are all irrelevant. All that matters is ‘love’ and even the smallest things bring the greatest happiness and satisfaction.

Anyone that knows Pete and I, know that we care for an 89 year old gentlemen who Pete befriended 20 years ago. Ray, doesn’t have any family or friends and lives alone so Pete has, all this time, been his confidante. We do his washing, shopping, organise his appointments and generally be his ‘family’. Yesterday we had Ray over for his favourite meal, omelette. It’s funny that something as simple as pottering around with him was so fulfilling. Takes my mind off ‘me’.

On returning from taking Ray home, we arrived to a package outside our front door. So beautifully wrapped. Inside it was full of thoughtful gifts for me and Pete and cards to both of us with love and happiness. We are both thrilled. Overwhelmed with happiness and  I can’t believe people are so kind. Throughout the past two years I simply have been astounded by the love and support from everyone we know and even some I don’t know.

The gift was from a client, a friend of mine. I haven’t known her for long but not only has she taken time, imagination, effort and love to make us happy she has even arranged a concert to raise money for the Sobell House Hospice and to raise awareness for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Unbelievable! Thank you Sara.

I am of course very excited.. and here are all the details for anyone that would like to attend and party along with us. It’s going to be a small affair with only 120 seats available.

Friday 26th October at 7.45pm:

Meet the Beatles, one of the best Beatles tribute bands around. They came last October and proved to be very popular. Now they are embarking on another tour for charity.

See Meet the beatles perform such hits as Please Please me, Love Me Do, Help, Yellow Submarine, Hey Jude and many more. If you were, indeed are, a fan of the Fab Four then this fantastic show is a must for you!

The performance will be at 7.45pm on Friday 26th October at The Players Theatre, Nelson Street, Thame, OX9 2DP.

Tickets cost £12 with £2 off for concessions, and can be obtained from Tickets Anywhere, Greyhound Walk, Thame. Telephone 01844 217228.


Dontations will be collected on the night for the Sobell House Hospice.

Today the happiness continued as did the ‘simple things’. Pottering around the house, a visit to the Global Retreat centre and homemade vegan food. The Bear even made me a stand for my shrine for meditating, with his own hands (and didn’t get upset at ‘equipment failure’! smiley-smile.gif)

Life doesn’t get much better than this. Friends, family and little furry animals, oh and scrummy food. X