Deflated and unsure…

Pete and I went to bed early last night. So early we had about 11 hours sleep! Boom! I love the Zum Lowen’s beds. Dragging myself out of the warm and comfy slumber this morning I scooted to the clinic to have my bloods drawn ready for up and coming visits. I was due to […]

Side effects again dominating….

Last night I had the second il2 injection of round five. I tell you, the side effects get worse. By 8pm I had full shivers and felt rubbish. I gobbled up paracetamol again but they didn’t have the same soothing effect. I went to bed in a pickle. Thankfully though I did kind of sleep. […]

Sad news……

It’s amazing how one nights sleep can solve so much. I feel less emotional. I don’t think having female monthly hormones helps but even so I’m less tearful for no reason. Our tempers are less flared and things don’t seem quite as bad as before. Sleep affects the metabolism and appetite too. Cortisol levels rise […]

Is it possible to have too much sleep?

 I’ve had another mammoth night’s sleep and as usual Pete gets up at the crack of dawn and goes to work making sure I’m all still tucked up in the dark and warm. It’s making it really hard to get up. Yesterday was just weird. I felt exhausted but for no reason. I still managed […]