Mistletoe, Fermented Soy and Cannabis? Whatever next..Well if I must, in the name of research!

When you embark on the canSer research route there are many claims as to what is the cure for canSer and it is usually something natural and nothing to do with the big Pharma companies.

I am true believer of having an open mind and I am still coming across information of things that are beneficial. In the last couple of days there have been a few things that have sprung out at me.

Mistletoe therapy is the first one. Mistletoe extract has in fact been used for centuries to treat illnesses such as hypertension, epilepsy, headaches, menopausal symptoms, infertility and arthritis. And more recently it has been used to treat those diagnosed with cancer. This isn’t what I do with mistletoe… Kissing comes to mind!

The treatment was first introduced by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman in the 1920′s and since then, a number of research projects have been undertaken to investigate the effect of using mistletoe on tumours in animals or plants, in vitro, and on cancer patients.

What’s so good about Mistletoe?

  • Extracts of mistletoe have been found to kill mouse, rat and human cancer cells in lab tests
  • Improves immune function
  • It has anti-tumoural effects when administered either directly into the tumour or systemically
  • It is classified as a biological response modifier (a substance that stimulates the body’s response to infection and disease)
  • Extracts of mistletoe have been shown in the laboratory to prevent the growth of new blood vessels needed for tumours to grow
  • MT can be used safely alongside conventional treatment such as chemo, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapies such as Herceptin or Avastin
  • MT has an excellent safety record and is widely used in Europe as a “complementary therapy”
  • Protects the DNA in white blood cells in the laboratory, including cells that have been exposed to DNA-damaging chemo drugs

How is it administered?

MT typically starts with low doses of Mistletoe administered intravenously gradually over time working up to higher concentrations. The aim for using higher doses is to jump-start the immune system and help it to recognise any foreign bodies such as rogue cancer cells.


Then popped up something called Haelan 951. I came across this on another blog from someone who has been using it for ovarian cancer.



The fermented soy beverage, Haelan 951, has, over the last 20 years, shown that it will significantly improve a cancer patient’s clinical conditions and quality of life,’ says Don Lofquist a representative at Haelan Products Inc, ‘The product has reversed some Stage IV cancers where other treatments could not.’

Haelan 951 is a fermented soy product which isn’t easy to get hold of and apparently tastes terrible.

The history of it stems back to 989 Lesley Todesco learned of a fermented soy product from China that had worked wonders for a friend of hers.

After learning more about the benefits of the product, Lesley and her husband Joe decided it needed to be made available in the United States.

The company now sells thousands of bottles a week to people all around the world.

According to, head of the Haelan Research Foundation, Walter Wainwright, the fermented soy product fights cancer through the following mechanisms:

* Anti-angiogenesis: When a cancer cell becomes deprived of its blood flow it secretes an enzyme, which causes new blood vessels to grow around the oxygen deficient cells. This process is called angiogenesis. Haelan helps cut off this blood supply.

* Promotes apoptosis: In other words Haelan helps cancer cells die. In one study Haelan 951 reduced the anti-apoptosis gene expression BC12 on breast cancer cells twice as effectively as chemotherapy (doxorubicin).  It also increased the pro-apoptosis gene expression 500% better than doxorubicin (without the risk of leukaemia, heart failure, infertility, vomiting and mouth sores that comes with taking the drug).

* Supercharges Immunity 700%: The fermented soy product has been shown to significantly boost the number of active macrophage – the large white blood cells that digest cellular debris.

* Slows Cancer Growth: Patients resistant to platinum chemotherapy have been shown to do remarkably well on Haelan 951. When one patient was treated with chemotherapy her tumour doubled every 30 days. But after consuming Haelan 951, for nine months, the tumour doubled every 365 days instead.

* Reduces circulating oestrogen levels:  Haelan has been shown to significantly lower the oestrogens which damage cellular DNA and increase breast, ovarian and other hormone driven cancers. Studies have shown an 81% decrease in the ‘bad oestrogens’for healthy women consuming this whole soy product.

Well for me this is exciting and as always I didn’t stop there. I have since found the European stockist who has emailed me and told me that I would need a bottle of this stuff every day for at least 20 days then half a bottle a day for another 40 days. The cost is as expected not cheap. One box with 20 bottles cost € 950 plus transportation € 70 to deliver to the UK. I am still deciding if this is something I should do… I feel spoilt at the moment as I try not to have anything that I don’t like. But I guess in the hope of being cured I have to man the hell up!

Then the last new thing is cannabinoids. After my friend posted me an article in the Sunday Times about a woman who has a brain tumour who should have gone blind, if not dead by now I decided to look into this further. She decided not to have any conventional treatment and isn’t afraid of dying. I am in awe of that attitude. Instead she came across the ‘Wizard of Woodacre’. He is a man who lives in California where cannabis is legal. But this isn’t cannabis as we know it. Imagine me sitting here with a spliff in hand… Yeah man! No I don’t smoke and I certainly don’t want to do cannabis! But this is different.
If you are looking for the latest advances in medical cannabis, then you need to know about CBD rich strains. CBD is short for Cannabidiol. It is one of the many cannabinoids that make up the medicine’s active healing properties. In order to qualify as “CBD Rich”, the product must have more than 4% CBD. Research has identified CBD as the main ingredient responsible for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. In addition, CBD shrinks tumours and inflammation. CBD is also good for reducing pain and helps with insomnia. It has significant analgesic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduction in anxiety and stress.

All strains that are CBD rich have a lower THC content. THC is the ingredient that makes one feel “high” or “Stoned”. CBD acts to mitigate the “High” of the THC. For this reason, most recreational strains have been bred to reduce the CBD content.

I decided in the name of research to contact the Wizard. I had a Skype meeting with him yesterday. He is a very calm humble guy who explained how they work with a very small number of people and the ingredients are all organic. The product is given in a tincture form. The tincture is made up of 190% alcohol and I would need to take 3ml of the blends 3 times per day for at least three months. The lady featured in the article has been using it since January. Again the cost isn’t cheap. Including shipping from the US I would be looking at approximately $800 dollars per month which is approximately £495. So this is food for thought. I am worried about side effects. The Wizard said I may feel a bit ‘high’ for the first few days as I would get some sort of effect from the THC in the tincture. However this would be rectified by the CBD’s in it. I have to admit I am not thrilled in the thought of using this but it’s an option and if I am to be pushed into a position whereby I am running out of options then all three of these things I would definitely consider. I really liked speaking to the founder of the product and can’t wait to speak with him again sometime.

When it comes to cost and having an open mind I am so very fortunate to have Pete. He would happily find the funds for me to have any of these treatments. He weighs it up with the cost of other spending that we do or used to do, going out on a Saturday night for example and buying clothes.

I think I will let it all sink in a few days and maybe wait to see what feels right.

Ever since the pranic healing  and following his advice to remove crystals from my environment I have extracted every single one hanging, sitting and hiding around my house and from my being. I feel better, actually. I am convinced that canSer has to be treated on every level and that includes the etheric body. I will make a decision on the physical body in due course. If anyone has experience of any of these healing therapies mentioned please do contact me and share!

Light n Love… Man! He he!

Have a great weekend. Wrap up and bolt everything down because there is a storm coming!