Our Story So Far

Our journey so far. My wife (Claire) was diagnosed in Sept 2010 with breast cancer in her right breast- the tumour was 15mm. She had a wide local excision on the 1st October to remove the tumour and on diagnosis it was discovered to be triple negative. This was then  followed by another operation as the surgeon had identified that there was no clear margin on the 30th October and declared a success. Treatment then commenced in the form of 6 x FEC chemotherapy, then 4 weeks of radiotherapy, finishing in May 2011.

In October 2011 my wife had another mammogram and ultrasound and was told that it was totally clear. “If it wasn’t there before the chemo therapy then it certainly isn’t going to be there now”. We have serious doubts about the competency of this Dr and it serves as the first warning to all triple negative fighters

From November 2010 until January 2012, Claire had an “inflamed stitch” as we were advised. This “stitch refused to heal and eventually became pusy. So this was surgically removed and on analysis this was found to be cancerous. Claire was then referred for another CT and MRI scan on 24th February 2012, which found the breast cancer had reoccurred in the same breast, this time two tumours 45mm and 5mm. It was also advised that it hadn’t spread to any other part of the body.

She had a full mastectomy in February 2012 and has since been prescribed 100mg of Docetaxel every three weeks for 6 sessions up until 13th June.

During this treatment period she suffered badly with a chest infection and convinced the oncologist to book a CT scan on her chest. This was done on the 2nd July 2012.The following day at her Oncology appointment the decision was made to stop chemotherapy due to numbness in fingers and toes having completed 4 cycles.

Then she was told that her CT scan showed 5 pulmonary nodules in both lungs combined, ranging from 3mm to 6mm, which have grown during the chemo since the scan of 24/02/2012. They have advised that it is secondary breast cancer.

At this point we do not know what treatment they want to give and the only information is that it is incurable. My wife was 35 at time of the first diagnosis and has just turned 37 years old. They have advised a two years life expectancy.