I can live every day without canSer ruling my life then that means not thinking about it…

This weekend was lurvely. We had a chilling weekend back since our holiday and had to get ourselves all organised. This was hampered slightly due to pete injuring his achilles and being on crutches. But that didn’t stop him getting jobs done. The weekend got off to a cracking start with us going to bed at 8pm again! And I slept all the way through till 7.30am. Come on yeah!

On the news Saturday monring, the doctor who founded DNA now says that super antioxidant food could cause canSer! What? Surely not. It took a while for Pete to calm me down as I thought what we have no chance but as usual he reasoned things out with me and said famous phrases and sayings are there for a reason. So you are what you eat is true.. in the fact that healthy people eat healthily. They don’t have weight issues, lower rates of heart diseases and cancer. This is fact. Honestly they say that everything causes cancer these days. I actually wonder if they really have any idea as to what is causing cancer in so many millions?!

Sunday we made a decision to plan for the year including trips away and things we want to achieve. We have pencilled our plans for holidays and one of the most exciting ones is a trip to Norway to see the Northern lights (weather permitting) I have updated my mood board, removing Thailand and have promptly replaced it with a new image. There are simple trips like a Cornwall and a stay at an eco hotel as well a visiting Port Isaac and more. On top of this I have begun to start improving our house (again). I know I constantly want to improve things but it keeps things fresh. It doesn’t mean I am not satisfied with how it is already but some things need changing like we do. Next on my list is my downstairs bedroom /gym and the kitchen is still on there. This is feel will take some planning.

Looking further than that I’ve read that it’s good to have future plans. I’m not one of those that want anything major. I want to still be living and loving our home. I want to watch the garden become established (that apple tree is upsetting Pete! Grow for goodness sakes!) Apart from that I would like to return back to work fulltime. I love working for myself but I think I want to become more holistically orientated and make my treatments more individual and nurturing. Of course I still want to be a HD brows trainer. I want to retrain in reflexology and be taught by the school that taught my reflexologist. Honestly amazing. I am not assuming I could ever be that good as I am sure some of what she does is healing and that isn’t something you can be taught but still. And of course the big goal.. charity. If we don’t start our own charity then I want to be involved in helping others and raising awareness. That’s enough I think. I like things simple (relatively) Of course added to that great recipe is having lots of love and fun and enjoying life to the max.

I am already gaining info from my follows. My friends and fb buddies have been sending me info and one lady sent me info on raw food and its benefits. This is the website she sent to me;http://www.rawfamily.com/ I love receiving and sharing information. Whilst cruising on this site I found a link to a hypnotherapist and NLP recoding practitioner. I was asked by my best friend last week if I had considered going for hypnotherapy or cognitive therapy etc. My reply was ‘No’. But then this link popped up; www.winningminds.co.uk

I have emailed the guy featured and he has replied. He seems really nice and I am just waiting for a further reply to fill me in on details of what it entails. He seems to have clients from all over the worked go and see him. I am interested. My head is my problem and it’s like meditation it requires practise and training and I feel I struggle with it.

The problem lies here… I can live every day without canSer ruling my life but then that means not thinking about it when visualising requires consciously focussing on it. So there’s the dilemma.  I want to make sure I am doing everything I can but I also want to not be afraid of what may be.

I believe that I am afraid to let life flow and to really enjoy life to the full at the present time. I am always looking forward to something and reeling in the happy memories rather than really feeling the moment. That’s what I want. And that’s what I am going to have. The funny thing about that guy is that he is based in Essex. Essex again! What is it about Essex and me? A bit farther away from my reiki man and my dad but still close enough for me to tie them all in together. And some might say that’s far for me to travel but as Pete points out people in Canada drive three hours just to get to work or school.  Ha ha!


Today has been a productive day and it must be due to the early nights. All weekend we didn’t go to bed later than 9pm! I am a grown up really. J I am actually quite excited about his week. I am having my ensuite spruced up, having my tv repaired, having reflexology (yay!), then off to London to see a specialist dietician who works at the London Oncology Clinic (LOC). I have been collating my supplements and diet to take with me on a document today.

As well as all of this I noticed something on the triple negative breast cancer foundation. There is going to be a seminar for professional in June. I would love to know what that’s all about but noticed that one of the main speakers is Andrew Tutt. I have mentioned him before. He is also based at the LOC and has been mentioned to me before by Professor Harris. I know I am having all the treatment I can have but for the purposes of research and wanting to know if there is anything that is being missed I am really tempted in seeing him.


I have emailed Prof Dalgliesh to see where my scan reports are and if he has spoken to Dr Nesselhut. I hate chasing things and people but I don’t seem to get a response otherwise. I have added in the email if he thinks I should see Andrew Tutt. No harm in asking.

I have paid for another vitamin d test to be sent to me this week. I feel it has been some 5 months since I did one and have been taking vitamin d all that time. It will be really interesting to see what my levels are. Last time I was just above average but it would be great to know what’s happening there.

I have today been listening to my new guided visualisations that arrived this weekend. I find listening to someone else really helps. I have a warmth and a throbbing feeling in my chest whenever I do focus on it. Every little helps eh? I am about to to start another new book by Dr Bernie Seigel too.

We have had snow over night and everything looks really pretty but as quick as it came it has already gone! Never mind it was nice whilst it lasted.

Whilst typing out my supplement list and reasons for using them I reminded myself about Coenzyme Q10. It states that CoQ10 has a positive impact in battling cancer. If a patient chooses chemotherapy drugs, rather than less harmful alternative treatments, it appears the drugs are more effective battling cancer if CoQ10 is added as a supplement, even though irreversible damage is inflicted from the toxic drugs. One of the reasons chemotherapy doesn`t cure more cancer is because there are inherent toxicity limits to the dosage administered. While cancer is being eradicated by high dosage chemotherapy treatment the overwhelming damage to healthy cells and permanent immune suppression can be severe enough that treatment must be discontinued or the patient is left to face fatal infections. This perked me up. maybe this is why I am coping so well with the chemo drugs? Either way it’s good to know that I am taking it.

So off to make cauliflower and roasted fennel soup for tea. I hope it’s nice. 🙂

‘Mushroom of immortality’ and Second Opinions rolled into one

I have been fortunate enough to have contact with Dr Ellen Copson who is a Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology and Honorary Medical Oncology Consultant for the UHS Foundation NHS Trust since I was told the canSer has metasised. She allows me to email her with questions and mostly reinforces what I have already been told.

She has emailed to suggest that I may benefit from a second opinion and has given me the name of a breast cancer oncologist in London. I find this really helpful knowing that I could seek the opinion of another specialist if needed. It’s also surprising that we are entitled to a second opinion on the NHS. I am certain that most of us wouldn’t have known this and it just proves how much is available to us if we knew about it. If I want to proceed with this all I have to do is ask my GP to fax a referral letter to him.. Simplezzz. I may just do that.

It is only a few weeks til I go to visit Dr Kate James for a couple of days of therapy. Her approach is through diet, supplements, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, (EFT) Emotional Freedom Techniques and more. She has suggested I start taking chaga and reishi mushroom supplements. First impressions are they taste disgusting! But of course I will persevere with them of course especially since I researched them.


has been used to strengthen the immune system, detoxify the body and to extend the span of life. This fungus was been documented as early as 4,600 years ago in Chinese medicine where it earned the names: “King of the Herbs” and “A Gift from God”. It is used for the treatment of many forms of cancers and tumors in the Siberian regions. Due to their regular consumption of Chaga, these indigenous people have very low oncologic diseases. Many of them have been documented to live for over 100 years. WOW!


is hailed in ancient Eastern medicine as the “mushroom of immortality” and the “medicine of kings,”. This immune-boosting mushroom also works wonders in the prevention and treatment of cancer, as the T-cells are then able to fight cancer cells more effectively. However, reishi may help the body defeat cancer in not just one, but four ways. In addition to boosting the immune system, the glucan in reishi helps immune cells bind to tumor cells. Many experts believe that it also actually reduces the number of cancerous cells, making it easier for T-cells and macrophages to rid the body of them. Another substance in reishi, called canthaxanthin, slows down the growth of tumours.


As a result of these amazing anti-cancer abilities, laboratory research and traditional medicinal usage of reishi to fight cancer is so positive that the Japanese government officially recognizes it as a cancer treatment! This is enough of an incentive to take them. Even if they simply stimulate my immune system. I have to admit I am feeling really well. Long may it continue.

Had a great start today… whilst doing a spot of yoga overlooking my garden a Red Admiral butterfly came to the door and fluttered in front of me for a while. That put a smile on my face. It made me think of my friend liking butterflies to me and their symbolism of celebration, change, positivity, freedom, fun and joyous times. Ye ha! I’m a butterfly baby!