Day Four..

After a weird nights sleep (I think I took too many amino acids too close to bedtime) we got up early to train in the gym. I always feel so much better for making the effort. I then go to the clinic early as we were having a lecture on foods. To begin we were […]

Don’t worry you’ll get to the top soon!

Today the weather has been lovely. So we took a drive Neuchatel, a beautiful chocolate box town that resides by Switzerland’s third largest lake. We were equipped in walking clothes and meant business… The language here is predominantly French so it is hard to remember that we are not in France. Especially when surrounded by […]

Ladies what lunch…

Today was a real treat. For a long time I have been in contact with a lovely lady who contacted me through the blog. She is kind and helpful and up until now just hasn’t found time to meet. We don’t live a million miles from each other so for the first time we met […]

Today didn’t quite as planned…

Grrr… Today should have been a really good day. I didn’t have anything planned other than driving to have acupuncture in Farnham then pranic healing in Langley. Being ever conscientious I ensured I had plenty of time in-between appointments to ensure I would get there in time just in case of accidents and tailbacks, especially […]

Boom back to reality!

Today was the first back to reality. I have to admit dragging myself out of bed what with the weather being so miserable was a hard task not because I was reluctant to get on with my rituals but because it meant applying myself. It’s so easy to let things slide. Once up though I […]

The day in the life of… Me!

Today I have been for my pranic healing session. Following on from the last treatment I have abided to the new suggestions Les made with regards to removing all crystals. I really like the healer as he has such a calming effect. I trust him, which I guess is essential if you want to be […]

Whats the Universe got in store for me?

I have been having a lovely week with clients. I really love my job and I can’t seem to get enough. I have however had a few cancellations this week that has left my diary gappy. I normally see this as an opportunity to fit other things in. Usually it happens when I just need […]

Light hearted and happy…. :)

Yesterday was one of my better days. I felt bright and breezy. I didn’t experience any tiredness and I felt rally buoyant.  I put it all down to the food and detox that I have been having. I didn’t sleep much last night and when I woke at 2.30am my mind was whirring. I couldn’t […]