Triple Negative Breast Cancer day and the first day of GcMAF…

Today is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness day…

And the first day of GcMAF.

We spent the morning in our hotel room. Pete has set up his Swiss office of his business right here in our room. A lot has been happening here…

I have done yoga, sorted emails, done a sketch and started reading. It’s all the things I wish I get time for at home but never find the time.

At 2pm we went to the ‘clinic’ which is more of a stately home. We were met by lovely staff that made us feel really welcome. We met Prof Marco Ruggeiro who is a charming Italian. To being I had a full body ultra sound scan. Both Pete and I held our breaths as we hoped nothing sinister would be found. Our prayers were answers and actually the prof said my internal organs and lymph nodes under my arms looked great. Such a relief!

He couldn’t use sonography to look into my lungs. He wants to read the blood supply in my spleen as well as my pressure to tell if my lungs/ lesions are improving and are taking more macrophages.

I have been asked not to blog about my treatment at GcMAF. So I won’t detail exactly what I have been having. I can only assume it’s because of people comparing their treatments and the treatment is provided individually. The aim of the ‘game’ is to improve and increase macrophages which stimulate the immune system… There are a number of ways GcMAF /goleic acid can be administered; by injection, suppository in the rectum so the treatment works through the lover, by nebuliser and inhaling it into the lungs and eating it in a yoghurt.

Everyone’s treatment is different. I was weighed by a spectacular machine which told me my BMI, how many calories I should eat each day (2384) and it also told me my physical age… 33!Yeha! I’ll take that one.

Marco went into huge detail about keeping well with exercise, diet and supplements. He wants me to put on weight- mainly muscle and has prescribed me amino acids. 30 per day to be exact!

All in all it went well all except them requiring I stay until Monday. They want to treat me over the weekend too and then scan me on Monday. Initially we agreed but on trying to change flights, car hire, car park, hotel and work commitments the total additional charges would be about £2000!

I felt a bit annoyed at this as I had asked before I left if I needed to extend the time I had originally booked. They told me no. I will simply have to go without.

After my treatment the sun had shone and we headed to Lake Geneva to watch the sun set over the French and Swiss Alps… Absolutely stunning…..

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day- show your support!

It’s been a few days since I last blogged and lot has been happening. Friday Pete and I drove to London to attend our friend’s mother’s funeral. I have to admit I was a little worried as it was my first funeral ever in 37 years… There was such a huge turnout and I really was overwhelmed by the love of everyone that attended. The funeral was a humanist service. I obviously have nothing to compare it to but Pete said it was really nice, simply no mention of God. The whole service was so personal to the family. The music was brilliant and when Eva Cassidy Fields of Gold came on.. That was it.. I was in floods. What is it about Eva Cassidy that does it to me every time?

Pete says funerals are accumulative. You remember all those people who are gone but not forgotten. It can feel quite cathartic. The service was filled with history, love, and even humour. I was pleasantly surprised. But I have to admit I did find it hard not to blub all the way through. That’s where my breathing exercises came into good use. I got to talk to the grieving family after including the husband, who was so selfless and was more concerned about knowing if I was ok. In fact everyone was really thoughtful about me. They all know my situation, which isn’t easy. Having canSer and going to a funeral of someone that has just died from canSer is a toughie. Also it being my first one. The support from those people was amazing considering they are the ones who need the support right now.

After the service we had to dash back to the ‘Shire’ and get to hospital to pick up Ray. He has been in hospital for 3 months. Unbelievable that they are simply sending him home. But that’s the way the system works in this country.  We got him home and he immediately started to feel shaky and the hospital at home team arrived. Pete and I are both dreading what is going to happen. I know it’s not very positive in thinking but we have been ‘here’ for so many years and approaching his 90th birthday it doesn’t appear to be getting any easier and he has a strong will to live. Bless him.  I don’t know why but the Ray thing stresses us out more than anything at the moment. So much responsibility and poor old Pete has all of it.

Then we shot hours later to do deliveries of the wish bracelets I have made. I am lucky enough to have many people offering to sell them for me so after having packaged bundles up they were driven all over west Oxfordshire to their sales people! I can’t thank them enough..I was like the Avon lady arriving with my wares…. thankfully I didn’t have to do any hard sell!

Sales of the bracelets and donations on my giving page started on the 27th and as of this morning we have already raised £1235. It’s brilliant but most of the donations are actually from those who didn’t want a bracelet! Amazing. A few people have donated anonymously and others have left such lovely messages of support. There have also been a few people donating a £100! Wowee… I simply am chuffed to bits. So it’s been a good start but I have only put online that I want to achieve £2000 from the bracelets but I really am aiming for £10,000 overall. It’s going to take a while but I am sure we can do it.

Today is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day. 03.03.13. Its being recognised in America too. I have tweeted some celebs in the hope that they will retweet and support as well plastered it all over facebook. Everyone’s being simply ace all passing it on and urging others to get involved.

One group of ladies had an event yesterday to raise money for the same cause. They had 25 of my bracelets and sold them all and now want more. I am keen to find out what else they did on the day and will let you know ASAP.

 Tomorrow is a big day for us too. We go to London to meet a professor who specialises in triple negative breast cancer…. hugely exciting.

So now for my Sunday. I will keep an eye on social media and the donations. I hope that we can keep the money coming in. I have to visit Ray and footie is on the tv.. time to put my feet up and read my Zest magazine.. I’m not in this time.


P.S  I may have accidentally agreed to do a sky dive as my next charity initiative. I am not entirely sure it’s for me… but I will consider it for sure!! Arghhh…….