Heart Warming Happy Dragons…..

Why does it always feel that the first few months of the year fly by? I have so much expectation and happiness leading from the darker months into the longer lighter ones. I am loving the changes although I feel it’s almost too early to be having later nights when the season and weather does not reflect it. That said Easter was earlier this year… To follow the pattern of late I decided to decorate the dragons that guard our house once again. I know they look naff but it really makes me laugh. I started decorating them in October for Breast Cancer awareness month and have continued through Christmas, Valentines and now Easter. I tried so hard to make them look like chicks but ducks will do.


We left them guarding our house (more like attracting far too much attention) whilst we went away on a little break together. Knowing the weather has been unseasonably warm and mild we dared to go for a last minute ski trip to Austria, this time to a resort new to us. We had a fantastic time despite the snow turning icy then slushy every day. We were lucky with some days with fresh snow so got up really early and got the best of the skiing in before it turned midday. Some days were so warm and beautiful that we even sunbathed in deck chairs and Pete has definitely caught the sun on his face! It’s just what we needed.

On our return we had a pile of post as usual. One letter was confirmation of a pain relief appointment for me this week to try to stop the pain in my ribs. Good old Prof Harris got on to the pain relief department and had them see me as an emergency.

Also we received a lovely bright Easter card from children that live in our village, who said our dragons make their day. It was so cute and so heart-warming. They had drawn pictures of bunnies and eggs and all signed the card themselves. We were so touched. I didn’t know if I had gone too far with my crazy ideas and decorating. Clearly not! Then Pete was out cleaning the cars and locals that walked past all said they loved the dragons and couldn’t wait to see what is coming next! How funny, I had no idea I was actually bringing happiness to anyone that passed by. They are our ‘happy dragons.’ Well I have changed them to another colour but have not dressed them up yet for the next event in the calendar. (We have been working on it this weekend!) Watch this space!

Daily I get updates from Peter where he has found more research. Genetics are still in the main frame but also ways of detecting and stopping triple negative breast cancer from spreading and becoming life threatening. It just keeps coming but nothing much is showing leaps and bounds.

On a personal note I am trying to live a normal life and not focus on canSer too much. I have booked my next CT and MRI scan at the end of this month then all the news has to be filtered to all doctors that I see across Germany and the UK. Pete and I get a gut feeling mostly and overall we think the results should be good. The only thing slightly worrying me is the cough. I do wonder if it is the lymph node growing larger again or is it simply where Prof Vogl went so close the bronchial region during microwave ablation that it has left it scarred and irritated. Well whatever it is I am hoping that it’s nothing for me to worry about.

This weekend was the first weekend Pete and I got out in the garden this year and got lots of jobs done. It was hugely satisfying and even more satisfying sunning ourselves in the afternoon once the work was done. You have to take the vitamin d when you can!

Speaking of vitamin D, I have today ordered a test to be sent to me and I will get that done by post. They will email the results as usual. I am curious to know what level I am as the last time I was so high Prof Stebbing said he had never seen anyone with such a high level of vitamin D! Oops…

Next week I am hoping to speak to a genetic doctor whom specialises in working out the individual’s profile. This could be interested as I don’t think I have any tumour sample left and I am hoping there are no tumours inside me to do a biopsy. I would love to hear the words ‘No Evidence of Disease’…..

Anyway, I am well and healthy-ish and I am a work in progress; trying to get fitter and look forward to everyday as it comes.