Raising awareness in the national media? Gulp…

I couldn’t sleep last night as I was too excited… With the generosity and kindness continuing… A friend who owns  a friend who owns a PR company Blythe Weigh, has kindly offered his time and skills by trying to make this site connect to many more people.

Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness of triple negative breast cancer and share information and gain knowledge and hopefully save lives by raising funds so that other survivors can have immunotherapy in Germany too.

Im certain that the ten point plan can help many people with any canSer especially triple negative breast cancer but also help many make positive changes to their lives to prevent canSer.

If we can help just one person then we have achieved something. By making this site more prevalent lives will be saved.

So back our PR friend. He has in his own time contacted the media such as the BBC, ITV, The Sun, Daily Mail plus lots of magazines. We are yet to find out if I’ll be on tv or in the news (which is why I was so excited last night- the thought of talking on national tv to Holly Willouughby and Phillip Schofield- Arggh!) Anyway back to Earth.

I want to thank yet another true friend for their precious time and selflessness.

Lets hope that as its Breast cancer awareness month in October that we can get support, raise awareness and gain more info to help our fight for many women.