A lucky streak at hospital…

This week I have the pleasure of my mum staying with me. It’s always nice having your mum about. We don’t have anything planned really as I need to get back to work and start earning some money and tending to many ladies brows before they get out of hand! But even so we have been making the most of our time together. Well actually I have been roping her into trawling through cook books with me and making a list of recipes we are going to try out. I love nutrition and I love food but have never found cooking and combining flavours as something that comes naturally to me. So I have made an executive decision that there is only one way to change that and that’s to take the time and learn. I love eating veggies and I want to eat fresh natural foods so I have been referring to books such as Honestly Healthy, Crazy Sexy Kitchen and Guilt free Gourmet to get my kicks. Today we bought our ingredients and extra special tools… I plan on making myself a little recipe book with my own tweaks and recipes eventually, things that will really help everyone not just us canSer babes!

I went to hospital today also and had a blood test in preparation for my next round of chemo that starts tomorrow. I was feeling very luck y when on arriving at the pharmacy my prescription was ready for me. This normally takes over an hour to prepare as they never have the confirmation from my oncologist. Then when I walked into the blood test area there wasn’t a single person waiting. I was asked by the phlebotomist how long I had waited… I said I didn’t! But then I thought my luck had changed when I saw on the screen that there was a 90 minute wait to see my oncologist. Boo… I couldn’t believe I had so much planned today and this was going to seriously hold me up. Knowing the nurses I decided to ask if it was necessary for me to see the doc as I had my drugs, had my blood test and I felt fine. Luckily my oncologist called me to see him in the corridor in between patients and we had a corridor consultation. He gave me more paperwork, asked how I was doing and how the website and communications were going and said that he felt having looked at my recent scan that it was stable. That the miniscule increase in one the tumours in one lung were too difficult to see if they were actually a real increase or not. However despite this he said he wants me to have a ct scan sooner than normal. He said that there are plenty of other things we can do if there has been an increase or spread. I don’t didn’t want to hear this to be honest. I don’t want it sooner. Anyway I am not sure when sooner it can be done. I go away to Germany in two weeks and coming back from there I am advised not to have a scan for at least two weeks. So I am guessing it will end up being in November when I actually want it to be. I will have to organise that with Prof when I get the letter from the hospital.

So I was lucky after all. I skipped having to wait hours for my appointment and we went about our afternoon with a skip in my step! I had a visit to my favourite health food store, Bean bag in Witney. I bought a few new items that I have been reading about and just came across by accident. I bought Maca powder and Coconut Manna.

Maca powder is a Peruvian root vegetable containing a variety of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and every essential amino acid. Maca powder is perfect in smoothies, juices and protein drinks.Maca powder can be stirred into your daily smoothie, juice or protein drink. It is also particularly delicious when combined with raw cacao products.

Coconut Manna is a delicious whole food, made of pure, dried coconut flesh. This tropical “melt in your mouth” treat contains 16% fibre and 7% protein and nourishing fats. Warm it up to spread the goodness. I think I am going to use is purely from the jar as well as spreading and in smoothies for a creamy texture.

I have cupboards full of ingredients I have barely used and don’t know what to do with. I have a mission of experimenting in the next few months.Watch this space….

I simply cannot believe that I will be starting round 14 of chemo tomorrow! …. Blimey this year has flown but also feels like so much has happened. And so much to come……

Breaking news! Pete Just sent me some really this exciting news. There is going to be vaccine being trialled to prevent the reoccurence of breast canSer including triple negative breast canSer. It is in the US but wow.. things are happening.. For more info click on the link;


Changes are coming…..

Our trip up North was brief but jammed pack full of laughs and love. We are already home and I feel in need of getting my life back in order. I have had a very sensitive stomach the last few nights and I think my body is telling me to really start knuckling down and be kind to myself. Food as ever is a sticking point but being good all the time takes effort and will power and I can’t help but want to live a balanced life like everyone else.

I’m looking forward to the week ahead as my mum is coming to stay and she loves getting involved with my morning rituals, exercised, meditation and eating healthily. Starting as I mean to go we are going to do some healthy cooking to extend my repertoire. I do have a busy week too with clients booked in plus hospitals visits. It seems my week off chemo has once again flown by and the next cycle is looming. I have to be grateful though as to how well I feel and for the lack of side effects I have suffered. I pray that it is working though.

With the change in weather I definitely feel a shift in me. The way I feel, I think it is time to start a fresh and start making new clear goals for the near future. I aim to attend the HD brows masterclass this autumn, as well as start the nutrition course. I want to enhance my life by having more treatments and trying out pranic healing and reconnection healing. I have a long visit to Germany coming up and I know that this can leave me feeling out of balance to but I think my new challenge will be to live as healthily as possible when travelling. I am sure if I set my mind to it that it is possible. But I have to remind myself that actually I have been following my mantra, ‘I flow with life’, maybe being less strict and letting things flow without so much of a second thought is healthy for me?

I have so much to look forward to. There are big things coming and I hope that I can continue to live such a great life. It has been a monumental year and I don’t think that is going to change any time soon.

A good friend emailed today, as I hadn’t heard from for some time and he said, ‘Stay hopeful and remember, as I think C.S Lewis said, that our lives and the decisions we make in them become more important as we get older’.

A tad emotional- oops wasn’t meant to tell anyone about the Bear being a softy was I?

This weekend has been a brilliant weekend.

Firstly Friday night was the work doo with the VTUK crew. A great night with such a lovely bunch of people. All ages and all backgrounds but I love them all. Not shy of pulling some shapes on the dancefloor I got sore feet from dancing all night. The food was great, the drinks flowed (a little too much!) and we all looked really smart (boys in black tie and girls in Christmas glamour).

Saturday I felt the night before.. a little jaded and hungover but I had a smile on my face. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget all the bad stuff going on in my life. It’s true what they say, that there really isn’t time to worry about everything. Living is so much easier. And more fun!

I dragged Pete around food shopping (mainly comfort foods-but vegan style! Not quite the same but still tasty) against his will. He didn’t look great but got on with it bless him. Then back home I collapsed on the sofa whilst Pete went to see Ray. To behonest Pete did most of everything on Saturday. He came home and cooked loads of good food and made sure I was warm in front of the fire and comfortable on the sofa watching good ol’ Strictly Come Dancing. These are my favourite weekends.

To top the weekend off my best friend and her fella came to visit me. We hadn’t planned on seeing eachother before Christmas but witht the news I had in the week must have upset her a lot too. I can always tell. She wants to try and fix it for me in true Lizzie style and is always so supportive. I don’t know what I’d do without her. They arriived to the aroma of a tasty feast. It was like a mini Christmas dinner with silly hats and headbands. We had fish and the boys had MEAT! Boys have to eat MEAT! Caveman styly. We slumpedon the sofas for the whole of the afternoon talking complete rubbish no doubt whilst rugby was on tv.

Simply the best weekend. It took my mind off everything and I didn’t have any effects of the chemo which is started on my hangover day- Saturday. A riskt strategy but had to be done. The only thing I have felt is tired. The anti sickenss drugs make me feel sooo tired to the point where I cannot keep my eyes open. If I get used to the chemo then I can reduce the anti sickeness down. The good thing about the chemo is that there is no hair loss but I may get diarrhoea, sore hands, feet, mouth, eyes etc..

Once our friends said goodbye we got ourselves on the sofa for more tasty food and Sports Personality of the Year. I don’t know what’s wrong with uis but we both ended up in tears. A tad emotional.. Oops I wasn’t meant to tell anyone about the Bear being a softy was I? 🙂

My kind of weekend. More of those please!