Mini me doing the conga with blue furry canSer cells!

I had a lovely day yesterday. Very simple, I had a day at home doing normal routine stuff and I spent hours updating the website (yet to be added by my techy friend) I have been waiting to update it for a while and yesterday I finally got it done. I love ticking off jobs.

I finished my day with reading again and have been inspired by real life stories of people who have used visualisation as one of their tools to help recover from cancer. It is believed that focussing positive thoughts on those areas and healing actually makes the cells in the brain start to heal. Each and everyone of them did something that resonated with me. One lady used diet and supplements, another had alternative treatments. One coudln’t visualise things but only colours which is up until now just what I have been doing. Since reading their experiences images popped into my head.I immediately imagined a mini me hoovering up the canSer cells inside me and then going down to the trap door in the soles of my feet and letting them go.

In fact my visualisation changes almost every time. One thing I have picked up from the book is that every single person didn’t visualise killing canSer only releasing it either by melting it or once it had been gobbled up they were released into Mother Earth so became something pretty in nature. They all let it go with love.

A few weeks ago when asked by Dr Kate James if I thought canSer was part of me, seeing as I created it, I immediately said ‘no’. I was anxious being asked the question and felt like I had no control over it and hated it, although I respected it. But now reading how others have dealt with it, I feel that I cannot visualise killing it but making it quite humourous and sending it away with love.

I currently see a mini me doing the conga (you can here the music in your heads!) and whilst doing it I grab a little blue furry canSer cell (bit like the British Gas character on the advert), then another and another making a really long chain. The canSer cells also grab their canSer cell friends to join the chain and then we conga right down to the trap door in the soles of my feet where we all have a group furry hug and I send them on their way into the garden to be reborn as wild flowers where bumble bees and butterflies flit around them. smiley-laughing.gif

What’s odd is that all day every time my thoughts head to that idea I start smiling and doing the conga (only very discreetly!)

Another visaulisation is having golden light that acts like water flowing through the trap door in my head and washes every inch of my body. The water coming out of my feet starts off dark and black but becomes clear when I am free of disease and negative thoughts. And one last visualisation is mini me running around bursting canSer cells like balloons and once they burst they turn into love hearts.

It’s bizarre as the thought of any of these makes me feel calm, happy and loving. Having the good intention that life may be enhanced for the canSer cells to being something positive makes me feel happy!

More good stuff is that Pete is starting to feel better and his chest infection is improving. We slept so well last night. I got squeezed all night! Ha ha!

Being home this week with only a few days of having time out for appointments has immediately alleviated my stress. I feel calmer, more organised and really settled.

Today I am a happy kitty again! Do a little victory dance…..(My happy dance is the running man. Visualise that!)