Even more vitamin D?!

Back into the clinic today for my next NDV and oncothermic treatment. As the heat treatment is performed by radiofrequency it made me chuckle as I could feel myself vibrating. Had a good conversation with Cindy today regarding diet and nutrition. She reaffirmed that an alkaline diet is essential for everyone but also focused on the needs of vitamin D3 which I had already been recommended to have by Professor Dalgliesh. Cindy asked my vitamin D3 levels and I explained that I had a test and it said I was above average and I am only taking 2000IU per day. She recommended my levels should be at 95 and that I should increase my intake of the vitamin to 10,000IU per day- Whoa. I decided there and then to buy some vitamin D3 in liquid form. Taking tablets is getting pretty hefty on the tummy. I also bought a water bottle to make the water alkaline- perfect when I am out and about. The brand is by Nikken and its called a PiMag sports bottle. I tested the pH levels when I got back and it was in the 8’s- this is brilliant. Check it out:www.nikken.co.uk/p/pimag-sport-bottle.html

I think it may be wise to get my blood analysed to see what I am lacking if anything. That will reinforce all that I am doing.

The sun has been out here today and so having an afternoon free we sat beside a lake eating organic salad and drinking coconut water reading The pH Miracle and soaking up the warmth like meercats. We even swam in the lake with a cormorant that was catching fish. I felt very alive and in touch with nature- totally refreshing. Ahhhhhhhh………….


Vitamin D- under doctors orders!

I received confirmation that my vitamin D test is above average. Prof Dalgliesh says its fine at the moment but I will certainly need to up my vitamin d supplement in the winter. I’m still waiting to hear from another doctor regarding cell therapy and I am really keen to move forward with that whilst I am waiting for results on genetics. The professor also mentioned that he has seen an article saying dipyramidole, a drug used for clotting which has other functions and that has previously interested him, is active in triple negative breast cancer. He is going to look into it further-maybe another possibility.

After acupuncture yesterday with Michael Ng, the numberness in my fingers and toes have changed. It doesn’t feel the same. Almost like they are coming back to life. Can’t wait for my next appointment.


My new book has arrived today- Crazy Sexy Cancer by Kris Carr. After reading her great diet book I really thought that reading this one could inspire me further and give me hope. I’m going to head outside for some natural vitamin D and have a good read – under doctor’s orders!


I’m loving the new lifestyle changes I’ve made and I’m embracing it all but suggestions of a neti pot used to clear sinuses and enemas (you know what they are used for!) are filling me with dread but I’m strangely curious.  Watch this space. I think pictures will need to be added. Ha ha!