Three days of fun to take my mind off the wait for the results…

I had a lovely few days to end last week. My mum visited and we went to see a musical, Cabaret, in Oxford. During the day we had our hair cut and did some shopping then had a lovely meal before watching 2 hours 20 minutes of pure brilliance. I think it was the first show I have watched and haven’t got bored half way through! I’d highly recommend it.

The fun didn’t stop there. Friday, my mum, my good friend and I drove to Southampton to a charity event for Action Medical Research which was hosted by Davina McCall. As everyone knows I love Davina. She is so vibrant and bubbly. Luckily we all got to meet her and had photos taken. She was so lovely. I wanted to have a photo with her on my own so went back for a cheeky second image. She remembered me from all the other hundreds of people and asked if I was with my mum. She said Mum looked amazing in what she was wearing. I didn’t get to talk much to Davina and so wanted to talk to her about her exercise DVD’s and this blog. Still she was so inundated with other women it couldn’t be helped really.

The event went brilliantly and we have decided we would like to take part again next year. It is nice to think about things other than canSer.

As if that wasn’t enough there was more fun to come! Saturday Pete and I took our four good friends to Twickenham for the international rugby match against Argentina. The day was a bit sodden but it stopped raining in time for the match to start. Apart from being a bit chilly it was an awesome day. More so because we won! Yeha!

It was a whirlwind and almost like a holiday. It felt odd having so many days off but probably quite good to keep me occupied what with waiting for scan results.

I feel quite calm about it all. I have no idea at all as to how it is going… Pete says that looking back on past scans when we starting dendritic cell therapy the tumours appeared to grow quite quickly but we believed they may have been enlarged from good cells trying to kill the canSer. In the back of mind I wonder if I have done enough. I have been slack with diet and alcohol what with so many trips away and generally having a nice time. But I do think that I may need to have a good time without those things. I know it’s possible and I know I can do it. I just wish I knew what makes canSer change and grow.

I have looked into so many alternatives recently such as the fermented soy and the cannabinoids but I am not overly interested in them. I really want to believe that the DC therapy is the right thing for me. Whatever the outcome I still feel well. I have to hang onto that. .. We will find out soon….