The signs are there I just need to believe in myself…

Awoke feeling tired wishing that I could stay in bed. And I could if I wanted to.. But that’s just not me. I didn’t rush my morning rituals but I really should eat a lot earlier than I do. Yoga was a real treat this morning as Kitty joined me. It was relief for her to be so cute as yesterday she was a bit under the weather with a dodgy eye. Bless her. But today she decided she would tuck herself under my armpit whilst I was lying doing some breathing… Thankyou!

I’m a little frustrated today as Prof Dalgliesh still hasn’t got back to me to confirm if I can have teh microwave treatment. After more than two months of him having my scans from August, he has said its been sent to a radiologist for their opinion but as yet no reply. I don’t massively feel uptight about it as I don’t feel any major urge to have the treatment (I think everything is working) but I do not want to rule anything out. It could be essential in combating this disease for me.

The weather isn’t as nice today so I am pleased I am not going anywhere. I have a good friend coming over this evening so for today I am going to be reading another new book. Pete can’t believe how much I am reading but when it’s this interesting and I really feel like things are unfolding and coming to me as I need them.

I really would like this website and my blog to more well known. I think if I can obtain more interest and exposure then I gain more knowledge from others and share with mine and hoepfully together we can find a solution to this canSer. I don’t think there is just one thing but what I have noticed on forums is that you don’t hear from very many people that have recovered fully. It’s normally poeple looking for answers. I can tell you when I have the result I want then I will be shouting it from the roof tops. I don’t simply want to raise money for canSer research I don’t believe that is the answer. I believe that many things within the ten point plan are the answer and that is in us. But still I think I could help people recover. I think I would prefer to help individuals intially survive than to plough money into research that really takes so long for the money to be used and have an affect.  I want to make the positive changes on someones life. I now know that you cannot be cured of something without wanting to be cured and changing your ways. And the chances are always positive it’s a win win situation.

I also cannot believe that only a week ago I was feeling awful with a cold and now there are no signs of it.. not even a sniffle or a cough.. now is that the power of the mind or the body? I know for sure that yesterday I should have had a hangover but I told myself that I was going to feel fine. Ok I was a bit like Bambi for an hour but after that no one would have known… Woop! The signs are there I just need to believe in myself….

Right time to go and talk to myself..! Ha ha!

He kept giggling and moving until he fell fast asleep

Today has been a busy day! Peter and I spent all day working on the website compiling every section. My typing skills aren’t the best so it took us all 7 hours in total. It was good to get it done but really felt drained at the end, almost overwhelmed with the enormity of our situation. It’s all very well having cancer, but living and breathing it every waking hour is not good. Peter joined me whilst I did my positivity hypnotherapy application. Let’s say he finds it hard to relax! He kept giggling and moving until he fell fast asleep. Ha ha. I think I will be doing it on my own in future.