A perfect bank holiday weekend….

Another bank holiday weekend gone in a flash but a very memorable one.

Saturday was fine weather so the Bear and I got to cleaning the car for the wedding the next day. Pete was the chauffeur for the bride and brides’ father. He felt they needed time on their own to discuss whether she wanted to change her mind at all! It’s the cleanest the car has been in a long time! We had a very early night as we had to be up at six am to get to the venue and start prepping the bride.

Sunday couldn’t have been any better than it was. I took my ivory umbrellas with me knowing full well that if I did the weather would turn out fine. Well it was an outstanding day weather wise, so much so that we all got a little tanned during the afternoon.

My best friend’s wedding was at 11am so at 8am I was doing her makeup, her hair dresser making up her  hair and her sister tending to all her other needs. She looked beautiful.

The venue was Dorton House, a school during the week and wedding venue at weekends. Absolutely gorgeous with huge grounds. It was lovely watching the bride and groom talking all the way through the ceremony. Nerves were getting the better of Liz. Bless her. Pete and I got quite fluffy as they said their vows and their marriage became official. We held hands and it took us back to our big day. That’s the great thing about wedding, you remember your own.

The lunch was delicious and the speeches very emotional. We were all in tears as Chris and his best man and brother spoke about their mum who has passed away this year. Tears were flowing but laughter soon filled the air.

After lunch there was a three hour break before the evening do so we made the moist of the sunshine basking in the sun on a blanket drinking Pimms whilst the boys played croquet and giant jenga. How time flies when you are having fun.

The evening guests arrived, all 100 of them! And the evening became a great celebration fo0 love and laughter. Hog roast, disco and much fooling around to be had.

Apart from injuring my foot… whichc I still don’t know what i ahve done to it, the day was just wonderful adn i’m sad it went so quickly. They are off on their honeymoon now… Not at all jealous!

Pete and I came home and pretty much did nothing but sit in the garden all day. Josh, Pete’s eldest turned 21 this week and he came over to spend the day with us, chatting and laughing… In the evening we went for a meal to finish off a perfect weekend.

I loved people watching this weekend. One lady approached me( I have to admit I can’t remember her name now) but she told me she follows me on faceboook and my posts always make her smile. She thought I might like to know but didn’t know if it helped knowing? I said of course it does. It fills me with joy knowing I am making even just a little bit of a difference.

I know people know about me and the illness I have when at those do’s.  I know I don’t look ill and thankfully don’t feel it. I just need to knock it fully on the head now so that I can really be successes…. kick it in the butt.

This morning I did not want to get up. Pete wrapped me up and left me in bed… Big mistake! I decided that I would meditate in bed instead this morning.. That counts right?! But once up on with my usual rituals and back to being me…. Time to focus on the last stretch of getting rid of teh little buggers inside me…I’m not convinced they are there. 🙂


I saw some interesting news yesterday of a lady who has been making heart shaped pillows for women who have had mastectomy and breast surgery. I love this idea.

Heidi Kilgariff, 35, from Bracknell, had the operation because she has the same mutated BRCA1 gene as Hollywood star Angelina Jolie.

She says resting with the cushions under her arms helped ease the pain and give support after surgery.

Ms Kilgariff has now signed up dozens of volunteers to make more cushions. They are being delivered to women across the UK about to undergo surgery and come with a hand-written inspirational message.

Ms Kilgariff delivers the cushions to her to her local hospital, Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey. Other volunteers have joined her campaign and deliver to other hospitals in the country.

She said: “It’s got a very deep V that goes under your arm.”It just takes the pressure off the wound and just gives that extra comfort underneath.”

The original design for the cushion came from a nurse in Denmark.

Ms Kilgariff said they were very simple and easy to make: “On the sewing machine it probably takes someone five minutes to run one of those up.

“There’s people doing sewing lessons for us, sewing groups are doing them, children’s groups are doing them, churches, it’s just gone mad.”

Dr Hannah Bridges, senior information officer at the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity, said: “The fact that people will dedicate their own time to make these pillows, just to show someone they understand what they are going through at this difficult period when they are having this surgery, is a lovely thing to do.

“With the cushions the idea is that they make people feel more comfortable, it depends on how they want to use them though.

Here is a link on how to make them; http://www.heartpillow.dk/