Where’s the week gone?

I can’t actually believe it has been a week since I last blogged. I haven’t been away in fact I have been home the whole time. But Pete has been away and I guess I have just tried to keep myself as busy as possible. I have been busily making sure I have eaten completely veggie diet and have had fun making my own food from scratch every day. Pete usually does the creating in the kitchen. I present him with ingredients, Ready Steady Cook style and he cracks on with making a wonderful dish. I have to say I have really enjoyed making simple, fresh nutrient dense food.

I have also kept myself busy with work, homework and setting up a new website for the health coaching side of my business. As well as this I have been practising my coaching skills on friends and I am pleasantly surprised with how many are actually interested in my services. What is more surprising is how much I know! I didn’t think I would be able to counsel and advise but it turns out I know more than I think.

The nights are the hardest without the Bear but I have had plenty of company. At the weekend the only night on my own was spent in front of the TV mainly crying at Sport Relief, a very worthwhile cause. Then every evening since then I have been accompanied by friends or my mum.

With Mothers Day just round the corner I was pleased when Mum said she would stay with me for a week. I had lots planned in between working (for mum to do and help me with!) but she has been ill since she arrived. So I have been the dutiful daughter doing my best at looking after her. This is a novelty as I am so used to people looking after me!

Thankfully my Bear arrived home last night and what a relief to finally be back in his safe warm arms.

Not much has happened on the treatment front this week. I am patiently waiting to hear about possible treatment with Prof Dalgliesh. I did have a moment yesterday when having sent a copy of my last ct scan to Prof D’s PA special delivery to arrive by 1pm; she informed she hadn’t recieved it despite the tracking system stating it was signed for. It was found eventually and I have been informed it is now in the hands of a very good radiologist who will let me know if I can have ablation.

I am still taking GcMAF but I am now down to my final vial. I think I will buy more and carry on until I can have treatment. I have had reports from fellow attendees to the GcMAF clinic in Switzerland that things are looking good for them. This is good and I need to stay hopeful.

I have as instructed cancelled all appointments for next week in Germany… reluctantly I might add. I like having the safety net of physically doing something. But I must patient… (It’s like a mantra!)

I had a call yesterday from Birmingham hospital. They were in receipt of my vitamin d test and it is their duty of care to contact patients when they are concerned about the results. The concern is my vitamin d result shows at 392.9 nmol/L. Apparently anything over 220 nmol/L is too much. My previous one over a year ago was at 189nmol/L. OK So I guess I need to make changes. They advised me to stop taking my vitamin d supplements and get a full blood test from the doctor.

I was a little surprised. I really didn’t expect supplements to have that much of an effect on the body considering they are such small amounts being consumed. It’s good to know they are doing something.

I have also received a summary plan of things to start taking in response to the RGCC blood test from Dr Hembry. Things such as artemisinin in higher doses, genestein, lycopene and quercetin.

She has also suggested I may be able to have artesunate and polymannan extract administered intravenously. Dr Hembry is currently away but I will find out on her return.

Overall I have been having a great week but I am so surprised as to how busy I am. I don’t have time to breathe. I think staying home next week is a good thing but I have foolishly been booking in new clients and before I know it my diary is rammed. I am not complaining I am just surprised at the quantity of new clients I am getting.

My personal appointments are dwindling though.  I have had to cancel reflexology and acupuncture recently and pranic healing don’t have any appointments that suit my times on the next two months. I need to make sure I look after myself and I must put myself first. I would like time to read more and I HAVE to do some artwork or ipad doodles.. I guess that’s artwork!

Being a good daughter and to treat mum for mothers day I hahve today done her a facial and painted her toenails.. she is currently asleep in my treatment room!

I still have plenty of work left to do today but it’s good to be busy. I am looking forward to a soak in the tub though… I feel like I need it!

Tomorrow is an exciting day… (after seeing my friend and having a hair cut) Pete and I are off to London to meet Prof Stebbing. I can’t wait!

Mmm, the yummy smell of cinnamon apple crisps… I am making some right now. I’m off!