Better when I am not thinking about it….

It’s been an up and downy few days. Ever since I got back I have continued to have head aches and whilst I don’t think there is anything serious to worry about I had to mention them to my oncologist. I also mentioned this cough of mine. Prof Harris doesn’t think there is anything sinister […]

Flying visit to Duderstadt….

Side effects have really been getting me down the last week. At least that’s what I hope they are. A constant headache and that bloody nagging cough. I have completed the il2 round 6 and the new imm101 jab has been gradually getting bigger and had now decided to get oozy. The weekend was lovely […]

Squeezing everything out of life….

I am so sorry for the lack of blog since my last one, which was quite an exciting one! I have been ultra busy since then. Last Wednesday I went to London to collect more interleukin two injections and also had a quick chat with Professor Dalgliesh. He seemed very excited when I told him […]

Another good woman….

This weekend has been a little unexpected. Saturday morning we got up yet again at the crack of dawn to get on our way to a conference in Exeter. Ordinarily I wouldn’t book to go to canSer conferences but this event had Prof Vogl doing a presentation and seeing as I very nearly went to […]

Met with another Prof..

I am having trouble finding time at the moment. I feel hugely overwhelmed with things to do and things I think I should be doing… Mum stayed with me last week whilst Pete was away but unfortunately she was ill for most of the week. At the end of the week Pete and I went […]

You never know what tomorrow may bring…

The weekend was unexpectedly great. I knew we had a fun time ahead as our friends were coming to visit but sometimes it’s great to having any expectations and it turning out lovely. It always surprises me that you never know what tomorrow may bring. The weather was gorgeous and we had plenty of time […]

Burns Night fiascos and a new week ahead…

The end to last week was highly memorable. We had friends over to celebrate Burns’ Night. I did lots of preparation in the afternoon and then Pete made magic by creating a perfect meal and lots of fun entertainment. Everyone made an effort by dressing up and we all had a brilliant time. Maybe too […]

Every girl loves a little green box….

This weekend was a real treat. After having taken all my crystals away and hidden them and also removed the crystals from my body including my engagement and wedding ring we decided that I couldn’t very well wander around without anything on. I felt naked without them. So we decided to take a trip to […]