I’ve won the lottery!

OMG… had 12 hours sleep last night and they were the best! Whoop! I got woken by my bear calling me on the way to work after going to the gym this morning. I’d like to say that I feel guilty lying in whilst he goes off early… today I didn’t! Bless Pete he’s been getting up at 5.30am every working morning to go to the gym and play squash and do weights. He is really making the effort and I hope that he feels better. I do when I exercise.

I tried out my DVD this morning- Box and Bound. It certainly works up a sweat and that combined with the muggy temperatures we are bizarrely having I was little bit Sweaty Betty. Love it!

Today has been quite leisurely and as I didn’t have clients till later afternoon decided to benefit from the good weather and do some reading in the back garden. Also I focussed on visualisations briefly – I’m trying to use my time as wisely as possible. I’ve been imagining that everything is surrounded by a blue forcefiled so that I cannot get canSer ever again. Any last canSer cells are being munched up by large healthy white cells. I have to keep working on it.

I’ve started getting myself ready for my trip to Germany. I’m really looking forward to it and really would like this weather to stay longer.

Pete found this research into triple negative online today. Apparently fat cells in breasts provide a crucial link between exposure to unrelenting social stressors early in life, and the subsequent development of breast cancer. That sounds so weird but it goes back to stress again.

“We found that exposure to the stress of social isolation leads to reprogramming of genes in fat cells in the mammary glands,” said study author Suzanne Conzen, MD, professor of medicine at the University of Chicago. “These fat cells then secrete substances that cause nearby pre-cancerous epithelial cells to proliferate more rapidly, accelerating the development of breast cancer. This local effect of fat cells in the breast was completely unanticipated.”

Here’s the link to the full article;



OO I‘ve just received an email regarding a lottery ticket I bought yesterday. Last night’s draw was for £122 million! I thought I could do with some of that. Less pressure on Pete, more funds for treatment and crucially more funds for vaccine research… Yay… I won…. £2.60! J