Sparkly eyes… must be from all the green juices…

I had a great meeting yesterday over skype with a lady called Dr Kate James. She has a very interesting background being that she is a conventional doctor but her daughter and her mother both had cancer. This led her to research other methods as well conventional treatment. Instead of reaching for a prescription pad to issue drugs she advocates a different kind of approach; working on a number of levels with different tools to naturally strengthen and rebalance the body. She specialises in lovingly creating individualised holistic based programmes to support patients with cancer and other health conditions. These combine natural dietary therapy centred around chlorophyll rich/ high life force/ raw foods, in the context of a constitutional Chinese Five Element dietary therapy and Western Nutrition. Other supportive elements include EFT and techniques similar to journeying, abdominal breath work, Qi Gong and Yoga, Eastern Spirituality and philosophy.

Now many people may think ‘what a load of rubbish’. But for me it reinforces what I have already started doing. It was good to know that the diet and supplements I have embarked upon are what she recommends as well as the importance of acupuncture and yoga including deep breathing. She is very caring and works very intuitively. I liked her.

The first thing she said was what sparkly eyes I have!. It’s funny as a few people have said how bright they are at the moment. Also she doesn’t yet know about this website and blog and she said at the end of our meeting that she felt I was a pioneer to other people and could really help others with what I am doing and how I have made decisions using my own intuition too. 🙂

I guess the reason for contacting her was to see what she could offer me in terms of guidance. I do feel I am on the right tracks for diet, especially as I feel really well. I do feel really positive too although I almost stop myself from being happy all the time as I feel I need to remind myself of the terrible thing that is going to happen. That’s so backwards when I put in writing. I don’t really know what’s going to happen to me. No one does. I just know that I am not centred fully and I want to embrace that part of me.

I’m really excited about meeting her in October when I will spend a couple of days with her where she can teach me techniques as well learn about Chinese herbs and have some treatment with her.

Had a great yoga session yesterday with Viktoria too. I felt very giggly but really released. I’ve had a couple of really good days. May it continue…shame about the bank holiday weather. :0