The build up to the Christmas Holidays… many things that the new year brings.

Phew, what a busy couple of days and it’s not over yet. I have an afternoon of clients before we get ourselves ready for the Christmas break. I’m feeling a lot better now but to protect my clients I have been wearing a mask to prevent them from getting my germs.

Christmas is a great way to finish of the year and it’s time to reflect on all things in the past twelve months. It is a time for celebration and I am thankful for having it. I forget all my worries about health and live like there is nothing wrong.

I have been in a present wrapping frenzy this morning and then I heard a thud from the letter box. I have received an early Christmas gift, a book from Mark Newey, whom I visited earlier this year for some ‘therapy’ shall we say. He helped me rid negative thoughts and did some hypnotherapy on me. He has written a book called The Naked ‘I’ Authenticity, be you, be happy. I was touched that he sent me a copy and I look forward to getting tucked into it once I have finished my current book. If in the mean time you would like to check it out please click here;


I have today received an email from a good friend who has a friend who is also TNBC survivor stage four (who has another friend!) who has been having a treatment in Switzerland. I am yet to get all the details but what I have heard so far sounds very promising. I know it sounds like I will be touring all of Europe at this rate but there is a bonus that I don’t have to go there all the time for treatment. Once I have more details and can explain it I will of course be sharing it on here. It excites me as it gives me more hope of a long healthy life and also the new year already had a lot to look forward to but now it has even more so!

Pete, I and his son Josh will be off for some winter fun soon and I hope to continue blogging over the next week but in case I am having too much fun to journal or if the wifi isn’t great then I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas filled with love, light and sparkles. X

Ho Ho Ho!

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