The Negative Health Service

Today  I had oncology appointment with the consultant to discuss more in detail and to collect results of MRI and CT scans. I don’t mean to sound off but to be told the scans were nothing scans and brushed over was a little alarming- to me that’s an amazing thing. The canSer hasn’t gone to my liver or my bones! Whoop de whoop! I almost think the doc would’ve been more impressed had there been some metastases. The plan is to wait for results and go back in September. There was no urgency or worry that time is of the essence. We discussed our ten point plan but as expected water off a ducks back. The look in her eyes was defeat. She advised me to enjoy alcohol and any food I like- although she did think alcohol could be a factor. She doesn’t believe changing my diet would help. I walked out as expected, deflated. I am having another ct scan at end of August – I really want to know if the nodules are growing. Moving on from that- there is no point expelling thoughts or emotions on it.


Time for me this afternoon- I had acupuncture to help with energy flow and also on a spiritual level. I really enjoyed it but couldn’t help wanting to see what I looked like with needles in me!


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