The tree comes down tomorrow… Come on 2014..Lets be having ya!

It’s still technically the festive holidays and how fast time goes when you are not in a routine. I am looking forward to going back to ‘normal’ but also loving having time off doing things out of my usual daily rituals. The last couple of days we have been starting the year off on the right foot by visiting family and friends that we didn’t get to see over Christmas and before our year flies away with us we decided to make some long road journeys to make sure we saw those that are important to us.

The weather has been Godly to say the least and our world seems so very wet at the moment. There is more scary weather coming tonight and it seems sad that most of the UK hasn’t had the chance to really spend any time outside in the last few weeks. I am certainly feeling like I am missing vitamin D.

The list of things we would like to do this year is increasing and I am starting to get excited and a little bit impatient. Monday it seems I have the longest to do list ever but the most important thing is to get back to organising and researching my treatment plan.

I simply do not feel like I have canSer and to be honest I am fully ready for it not to be part of my life anymore. If only life were that simple. I have been reading a lot about people that have had full recoveries even in stage four and I am convinced it is possible.

Still patience is something I have to deal with and as I keep being reminded by Pete someone that looks and feels as well as I do isn’t going to die. However we all know how life can change at the flip of a coin and I simply will not take life for granted.

Tomorrow is the last day of our holiday and we return to our lives on Monday. Our Christmas tree has been beautiful and has barely dropped a needle so we will be sad to take all the decorations down tomorrow and chop the tree up for fire wood. I cannot believe I have to wait a whole year to do it again.

Still that’s one thing we can all be sure of.. That time stands still for no man and you can always guarantee that things will change. My aim is not to be afraid or fear for the future. It has been and will remain to be the biggest obstacle for me to overcome. I let life flow. I say this to myself daily as a ritual.

I welcome in 2014 with open arms and live each day as fully and happily surrounded by love as much as physically possible. After all love is all you need… Right?!

C x

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