There’s a first for everything!

So I did it! I tried the coffee enema. I followed Polly Nobles instructions; and took the plunge. I bought organic ground coffee and prepared it as described. I was dreading it to be honest. The thought of putting something in that end didn’t fill me with excitement. I’ve never found colonic treatments that bad but then it’s not something I look forward to either! Anyway I had a few hiccups, leaks, spillages and so on but soon enough the whole 750ml went inside. I had no discomfort o0r anything adverse. 15 minutes passed quickly whilst I scanned facebook and twitter! There was a side effect though…. I was buzzing! To begin with I wasn’t sure if it was because I’d actually plucked up the courage to do it but soon enough I realised it was the effects of the coffee! It was just as if I’d drunk it! I was all over the place for a good few hours. Having been off caffeine for a year with only the odd coffee and tea my little body didn’t know what had hit it! I’m hoping it won’t be like that every time I do it. I think I might try to do it once or twice a week. Twice a day sounds extreme. The idea is that the toxins in my liver will be removed and therefore help me become less inflamed and become more alkaline and healthy. It’s odd because coffee is highly acidic but apparently the nerve endings in the bowels somehow means it removes the nasties. It can also stop symptoms and pain.

So that’s a first for me. I’m feeling very pleased with myself. Was it too much information to share?! Ha ha! X

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