Three day weekend….

I’ve had a three day weekend. Not only does it feel like I have been away for ages… it’s amazing what you can do in three days! But it’s been jammed packed with fun as well as ample chill out time. Friday we headed down to London and met friends to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. We felt that as it was five years, which have flown by and what with all the crappy stuff happening in the last few years that we would celebrate it in style with friends too. The afternoon we lazed in Hyde park with a picnic of fresh watermelon and coconut water and the odd Pimms and lemonade thrown in. Then we all got ready and met for pre dinner drinks. Everyone had really made and effort and the mood was buzzing.  Going back to where we had our wedding reception was amazing. The room is so ornate and unique. The food was divine and the drinks flowed. Perhaps a little too much. We had speeches from our best man and from Pete which was as usual tear jerking.

Pete always does such a great speech and this time our lives were likened to different film genres. Horror, rom-com, drama, action and adventure and so on… He had everyone in tears and almost cracked himself a few times. I become very steely with my stare as if I were to blink the flood gates would open!

Five years feels like nothing and I can’t wait to do it all over gain a hundred times. As much fun as the doo was I still love having my bear to myself and I am already planning next year’s anniversary to be a private quiet one… J

Then on for some dancing in the basement nightclub until the heat finally got too much and we headed back to our hotel where the party continued into the early hours. I have to admit I was slightly jaded on Saturday morning but we all got together for a big hearty breakfast then we all went our separate ways.

We headed down to Brighton to take advantage of the continuing heat wave. It was a bit overcast but that was fine as I decided a siesta was the way forward. It turned into a mammoth sleep only being woken to get up for dinner! A few hours later and I was back I bed sleeping some more. To be honest I don’t think I would’ve got up on Sunday had I not been woken but the day was glorious and toasting. I did my usual stance of prone sunbathing. We took the boat for spin then basked in the sun and ate lovely fresh salad.

Back home last night to a very weird greeting of a very disturbed robin red breast in our house (caught by our killer kitty- who clearly couldn’t be bothered to finish it off- thankfully), piles of cat sick (kitty had clearly got upset and overeaten) and the sound of bag pipes being played in a neighbouring garden! I know weird right?.. but oh so great to be home again. Back in our bed for another very hot night…

Today I’m back to my usual rituals and looking forward to bed already! Ha ha! Rock and Roll…I know there is a pattern here… eat and sleep just like a real kitty!

I’m all ready now for a busy day with clients and then quite a busy week too. Not so much sunbathing for me this week I doubt. Never mind we are off on our holibobs soon… J

I just want to thank my wonderful Hubby for making me so very happy and love him more every day.. If that’s possible. XXX


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