Three months already.. another CT scan..

I have been out of communications for about a week. If you were wondering where I had gone well never fear… I was abroad enjoying myself. Pete and I took five days and spent them in New York City Baby!

We had planned to visit there a few years ago but with everything going on had to cancel it and didn’t want to jinx it this time so kept it a little quiet. We also decided not to share much on here or social media because we felt we should try to enjoy each other and the place more. It was a fantastic thing to do and I would highly recommend others do it too. It gives you such a sense of freedom.

New York was sensational. Despite aching legs and feeling tired, we walked miles every day really taking in every inch of the city. We did the touristy things as well as go off the beaten track and thanks to recommendations from friends who have been there and friends of friends who have lived there, we had the time of our lives. I’m a real sucker for TV programmes like Friends and Sex in the City and was thrilled to eat at  the same restaurants and have photos taken at the same fountain.. Sad I know… but simple things please simple people! Ha!

I found plenty of vegetarian and juicing places and had a lovely green juice every morning. There were durg stores selling every single supplement you could find. Amazing!

I totally felt free. The first time in ages I barely thought about canSer and it is was a bit of thud coming back to reality. Yesterday, we felt so tired on our return we had to go to bed for a few hours. To be honest sleep hasn’t been my friend the past few weeks what with the pain in my side and now a chesty cough.

I am so happy though that the pain has lessened in my side (therefore it must be muscular) and although the cough is annoying I don’t feel ill. It’s just sleep has been really problematic and I have been a bit of a zombie since.

I hoped on my return I would have an inbox full of emails from radiologist specialists and dates with vaccination details and so on in them… but sadly no. I am once again chasing and wonder how hard can it be?

I am due to start chemo at my NHS hospital tomorrow. I won’t be going. I am putting it on hold so that I can attend this vaccination trial but I really would feel a 100% happier if I just knew when I had ablation booked. All this waiting around makes me nervous and I try to take on board the teachings from my meditation challenge which says filling your heart with love doesn’t leave room for anything else like fear. Easter has put a bit of kybosh on things I know and people have been taking their well earned holidays including the radiologist consultant. I really hope I know by the end of this week.

Today I had a CT scan. It’s been three months already. To say I am dreading the results is an understatement but I have such positive responses from my facebook page. Over a hundred people all wishing me positive thoughts and sending them my way. And I think I feel it too. CT scans are a doddle but today was a more fun experience with a goofy Australian guy jacking me up with the CT contrast… small things that make things seem better eh?

I don’t know when I will get results. I am booked to see Prof Harris on the 13th May but think I may be away again. And surely waiting all that time for results is so unfair! I am also tempted not to go and get my results. I hate it. I don’t really hate anything but I do hate waiting in the waiting room for results. I would rather they sent them to Pete. He can digest the info and find the good in them.

So lots of things potentially going on. I have to admit I am quite tempted to go and have chemo. It’s the only thing that is solid right now. Everything else is flaky. I so want ablation. I want the little buggers blasted..

I keep thinking it has been two months of no treatment. But then I remember I am still having GcMAF after having had a week intense treatment as well as DC therapy from Nesselhut. I hope, with every part of me crossed that I can report back to everyone with a good result… and also a bloody date for ablation!! Please please please don’t the let the canSer have spread out of the lung area. I need this ablation.

The vaccination trial is called IMM-101: Heat killed mycobacterium obuense. I am not quite sure what it is but once I read more on it and Pete explains it to me I will post in detail for you. But let’s just say its immunotherapy and they have been trialling it on advanced pancreatic patients. I should be starting that next week sometime.

Pete is still very keen for me to have more Dc therapy with Nesselhut and I have been contacting them to go back and have a top up. Pete has been dreaming about it and really feels that I need to keep my body fighting fit and this is the way to do that… OK I hear ya loud and clear…

I’ll leave you with some shots of me in NYC…

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