Time to contemplate, breathe and read….

Poor Old Bear has been poorly sick the last day or so. A tummy bug in the middle of the night. It started with chills then progressed onto projectile vomiting and diarrhoea.. Thank goodness we have a wet room! It makes a change to be the one that takes care of someone (even though I am well I am the one constantly taking tablets and being assessed at hospital) I don’t think Pete likes my kind of care giving. I told him to be quiet when making groaning noises. I didn’t mean it the way it came out. What I meant was that if he stopped groaning he would sleep and he did!

Needless to say it’s not nice seeing someone you love sick. Then to top it off his wisdom tooth cracked and fell out. So off to the dentists he went. Returning with a hamster face, bless him.

I on the other hand am feeling tip top. Chemo started and touching everything wood, I’m feeling brilliant. A bit tired but was from being up with Pete in the middle of the night. I made up for it by going to bed at 9pm last night. Rock n roll! I couldn’t even stay awake for my favourite American TV shows.

Again the weather has been beautiful so after being the dutiful wife doing chores for ray our elderly friend I have spent the afternoon basking in the sun. It gives me much time to breathe, contemplate and read.

I’ve now got to the nutrition chapters of ‘You can conquer cancer’. A subject I really believe in and feel you can have some control over. So far it’s the same as Kris Carr’s advice and I’m feeling slightly chuffed that it reinforces what I’m already doing. I’m feeling healthy mentally this week too. I’ve been particularly good with my meals, not eating excess amounts and really trying to listen to what my body needs.

Spending all this time in the garden I get to see things change daily. I can hardly believe in 4 weeks it’s a year since my ‘bad’ news or life changing news to make it more positive.

I’ve been getting new bookings this week for my business. I’m always amazed that if I ‘put it out there’ I usually get more bookings. The Universe usually gives you what you need.

With all the sickness I think we are going to be having a very quiet weekend. Pete has been burning the candle and needs to ‘love’ himself. That pleases me. I love downtime. Let’s face it, my whole life is quite chilled these days…Just like I like it.

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